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  1. thedude

    Browser issue Latest Android Chrome keyboard suggestion issues

    Android 8.1 Chrome 64.0.3282.137 Gboard keyboard 6.9 This started after a recent Android Chrome update a couple of weeks ago. When making a post, pressing a suggestion at the top of the keyboard after typing in a word has either no effect on the word in the XF input field or jumbles the word...
  2. thedude

    Not a bug Insert > Code won't always set the focus correctly

    To demonstrate easily, copy some text into the clipboard. 1. In the reply box below, click the Insert > Code icon (the popup input box should have focus initially) 2. Click outside of the popup box so it vanishes (doesn't matter where) 3. Click Insert > Code again and hit Ctrl-V (or...
  3. thedude

    Fixed Prevent stripping of ICC color profiles when using ImageMagick

    JPG and other formats can contain ICC color profile data in the EXIF data. Web browsers use this data to render the image with more precise color matching. Without the color profile data, there can be a noticeable difference in the appearance of the picture. php's built-in gd library does not...
  4. thedude

    Duplicate Allow flexibility in where to store attachments (local, Amazon S3, etc)

    Similar to the functionality of xfrocks' excellent Attachment Store add-on, I'd like to suggest built-in support for various options to store certain data, including attachments (so they may be served from a CDN among many other benefits). Larger XF sites are running on multiple servers with...
  5. thedude

    Fixed translateCssRules() possible regex issue

    Using an @supports condition to test for browser transform support, XF will change a CSS template from @supports (transform: scale(0)) { #xyz { transition: .3s cubic-bezier(.4,.2,.5,1.4); } } to the following, in its final outputted form: @supports (-webkit-transform: scale(0))...
  6. thedude

    ImageMagick remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability

    "There are multiple vulnerabilities in ImageMagick, a package commonly used by web services to process images. One of the vulnerabilities can lead to remote code execution (RCE) if you process user submitted images. The exploit for this vulnerability is being used in the wild." This will...
  7. thedude

    Lack of interest "Cannot insert a message in the middle of a discussion" on busy thread, with slow event hooks

    We have some custom code that gets called before XenForo_ControllerPublic_Thread::actionAddReply and can sometimes cause a delay of a couple of seconds before the real actionAddReply gets called. On a busy thread, posts by other users are often created during this couple second delay, resulting...
  8. thedude

    Browser issue Inbox, Alerts menu don't activate on hover on Chrome & IE11

    Windows 10 Chrome 46.0.2490.80 m IE 11.0.10240.16431 Firefox 41.0.2 Logging in to xenforo.com/community and hovering over the Inbox, Alerts and the SplitCtrl arrow will only bring up their menus on Firefox, out of the browsers I listed above. Chrome and IE require clicking the items (Inbox...
  9. thedude

    HTTP/2 for Apache is here

    Apache 2.4.17 source is available now, but may take some time to be available on cpanel and other control panels many of you use on your dedicated and VPS servers. If you're on shared hosting, it'll depend on your host. This is the early documentation and info.
  10. thedude

    Efficient bbcode usage

    We converted from VB to XF a while ago. I was editing a post that had this sort of redundant bbcode mess (you've all seen this before): word word word word word After saving it, I had to re-edit it and realized XF automatically changed it to: word word word word word It's the little...
  11. thedude

    Fixed isIndexSuccessful() not checking ES response correctly on bulk inserts?

    XenES 1.1.2 When doing a bulk insert in ES, a response containing "errors": false means all subrequests completed successfully (ElasticSearch reference on bulk insert response). XenES_Search_SourceHandler_ElasticSearch::isIndexSuccessful contains if (isset($result->errors) &&...
  12. thedude

    Fixed XenES_Search_SourceHandler_ElasticSearch and XenES_Api, different index naming methods

    Potential issue if either a custom ES index name specified in AdminCP, or the database name contains any uppercase characters (assuming ES uses case-sensitive index names). XenES_Search_SourceHandler_ElasticSearch::__construct: $this->_indexName =...
  13. thedude

    Fixed Input filtering bug with boolean values

    The following code returns false instead of true $value = $this->_input->filterSingle('non_existent_variable', XenForo_Input::BOOLEAN, array('default' => true)); At the end of XenForo_Input::filterSingle, _doClean is called. _doClean contains the following code: case self::BOOLEAN: if...
  14. thedude

    As designed Spam filter ignoring "Manually approve" for posts

    We have our spam phrase settings (admin.php?options/list/spam) set to put threads and posts in moderation if they contain certain phrases, and the user has < x number of posts. While we would get new threads in the moderation queue that had triggered the filter, we also were getting complaints...
  15. thedude

    Not a bug sys_get_temp_dir has no trailing slash

    XFMG 1.05a In XenGallery_Model_File::saveImageResource, line 159 $tmpFileName = sys_get_temp_dir() . "$dataId-" . uniqid() . '.data'; sys_get_temp_dir doesn't return the trailing '/' so it probably should be included right before $dataId However I noticed saveImageResource is never actually...
  16. thedude

    Fixed Improving efficiency of XenGallery_Listener::templateCreate

    library/XenGallery/Listener.php 1.03 & 1.04 $_permissionCache (line 9) appears to have been intended to cache XFMG permission values because templateCreate gets called several times during any particular XF page load. However the caching part may have fallen by the wayside if you examine...
  17. thedude

    Amazon EFS...NFS storage on AWS

    http://aws.amazon.com/efs/ For those running XenForo on EC2 instances, this will let multiples instances access the same storage simultaneously (unlike EBS, which could only be attached to one instance at a time).
  18. thedude

    Fixed Add Media page doesn't check if the XenForo Flash Uploader is enabled

    We have the standard XF Flash Uploader disabled (/admin.php?options/list/attachments) but the Add Media page (/media/add) tells the user "If you have a Flash enabled browser, you will be able to upload multiple images". That's only true if the XF Flash Uploader is enabled, which it isn't...
  19. thedude

    Duplicate xengallery_media would benefit from index on album_id

    XenGallery_Model_Media::getMediaForAlbumCache gets crushed by the lack of an album_id index when you run a rebuild on album thumbnails (we have 17,000+ albums). Adding the index for album_id on table xengallery_media makes it much faster. Also when viewing a user's album...
  20. thedude

    Show which cache was just finished rebuilding

    Currently when you finish rebuilding a cache in the AdminCP, you get a message that the cache was successfully rebuilt. Some caches though take longer to rebuild (on a big board) so you step away from the computer for a while. When you return you may not remember which cache rebuild you had...