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  1. Summit

    Catch me up!

    So, I have had hospital incidents, college, and a lot of set backs. LOVED making my first site with XenForo and meeting all the great people, unfortunately with everything happening, lost track and had to close things down. However, finally have time and freedom to get back to it, so any...
  2. Summit

    Switched to a Galaxy

    So I went against my hardcore apple fanboy mind, and switched to a Galaxy device. Personally I really love the screen, camera, so on so forth. Anything I should know, or do while I am still in those setup phases (This is my first Galaxy phone btw)? For those wondering, its a Galaxy S6 Edge 32...
  3. Summit

    Implemented Embed Album

    I don't know if this is already in, or if people would want this if it isn't. However, I think having the ability to embed an album would be quite cool. Something like how imgur does it. All the pictures within that album can be embedded into a slideshow on a forum post.
  4. Summit

    Best way to spread the word about your site

    Honest questions guys, what do you find the best way to get your sites name out there?
  5. Summit

    Whats your XenForo Story?

    Just was kind of wondering how long you guys have been with Xenforo and your story about using them? My story, 1 year and 1 year strong. Funny thing, wanted to go with vBulletin, and asked on the website if it was worth the money. Best part, recommended me XenForo, I then put up a poll of which...
  6. Summit

    Duplicate Subscription Payment Alternatives

    Just thought about this, seeing as recent incidents brought new light to how payments could be handed. I like the ability to have users be able to buy subscription based services through the forum. However, I find that only having PayPal is a huge pain in the ***. Some alternatives would be...
  7. Summit

    Xenforo Arcade

    I was wondering if anything like this was ever made, or planned to be made. I know XFrocks started something, but it seems kind of abandoned. It would also be cool to integrate trophies or something like ******* Credits into it.
  8. Summit

    If you could...

    Only use one Xenforo add-on, what would it be?
  9. Summit

    Xenforo Homepage

    Are there any add-ons that somewhat look like wordpress homepage. I love Jaxels and Xenporta, but was just wondering if there were any out there that were better.
  10. Summit

    Tapatalk and Forum Runner

    So, I have a mobile style and everything works great with it. However, some users say they want it on Tapatalk. Is tapatalk worth the installation. I feel like forum runner has been dead ever since VB bought it, and users must purchase the app. Thanks!
  11. Summit

    How many add-ons do you have?

    I kind of just wondered this, but how many add-ons do you guys have for your site? I have about 10, but 1.3 will replace 3 of those.
  12. Summit

    Add-on Social Groups

    I love the social groups that I have from Waindingo, however I wanted something a little different. I like this add-on BUT, it isn't mobile responsive and it also has some bugs. I was wondering if someone could...
  13. Summit

    XenForo Add-On Question

    If this is in the wrong section, let me know. I was wondering if there are any group add-ons like vBulletin, I found on that suites my needs but it seems abandoned and broken, this one here. That in mind, are there any add-ons like this, being either free or paid?
  14. Summit

    Promoting your website

    I have a question for the community. Im new to the website world, trying to make connections, but its quite hard. I want badly to get my website the attention, but I don't really know how. What have you guys done to get the word out? is the URL Any help is appreciated, as I...
  15. Summit

    XF 1.2 Upgrade Problems

    When going to upgrade the site, it just gives me a page not found template error.
  16. Summit

    XF 1.2 XenForo User Help

    Whenever I go to change a users group, I'll click on List all users, then a user, and it shows blank. Any Ideas?
  17. Summit

    AERO Force Gaming |Forums

    Hello Fellow Forum Posters and Gamers My Name is Michael, I have recently made a gaming website. Over the past few weeks, I was just getting situated, and getting a feel for the software. I felt that my old post showed outdated info, and seemed more like questions then reviews. I have added a...
  18. Summit

    XF 1.2 Changing Board Title

    So, I would like to change the board title of my website example Homepage would say: AERO Force Gaming Forum: AFG | Forums Members: AFG | Member list and etc
  19. Summit

    XF 1.2 Problem Regarding Page Size

    I went to visit my page, when I noticed that the there was a lot of excess page. It only appears in the forums, and members section, but I don't know whats causing it? Any Ideas? This is probably a stupid question isn't it?
  20. Summit

    Graphic Need Two Graphics

    Hey guys, I need two things for my site. 1. I need a Better, more personal welcome screen. Can Be Seen Here: Height: 168 Width: 1020 2. I need a custom reputation bar. I already have the code, just need a better design. Height: 30 Width: 200 PM for Details on...