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  1. abdfahim

    Fixed Save button moves up in the presence of a floating notice

    The save button moves up in the presence of a floating notice. Tested with Chrome 78.0.3904.87 on Windows 10. Hopefully, it's not an undocumented feature :p.
  2. abdfahim

    XF 2.1 Insert into database from an sql script

    The idea is to include an option in my Addon to browse and execute an SQL script file (from ACP, of course) containing only INSERT statements in order to populate my custom table. Is that a recommended approach? Any checks I should perform? I need to insert new data to my table on a regular basis.
  3. abdfahim

    XF 2.1 Multiple $finder->fetch vs raw query

    Hi, Is there any performance difference between the following two? Objective: Get all records of the latest date $db = \XF::db(); $results = $db->fetchAll("SELECT * FROM my_table WHERE my_date IN (SELECT max(my_date) FROM my_table)"); $max_date = $finder->order('my_date'...
  4. abdfahim

    XF 2.1 Hide ad in a custom node

    I have a custom page which is accessible at The page is loaded via an action class. What conditional should I use to hide advertisements on that page? I tried to get the template name, but couldn't really find out which variable stores that information. Tried {{...
  5. abdfahim

    XF 2.1 onChange with XF JS framework?

    I am following this link to write onClick and onChange functionality with JS framework . onClick seems to be easy, but I couldn't find any way to implement onChange Isn't that even possible available? I am trying to mimic the following jQuery("#mySel").change(function() {...
  6. abdfahim

    XF 2.1 Ajax works with GET, but throws server error with POST

    I have a page that outputs JSON from a controller class. When I try that page with an Ajax request with Type = GET, I get the exact same response as above, as expected. However, when I send the request with POST, I get 400 Bad request from the server. I also tried with apps (e.g., RESTed and...
  7. abdfahim

    XF 2.1 Does each finder->pluckForm make individual query?

    I would like to get numeric arrays for each column of my database table. So, I am doing the following $date_q = '2018-01-01'; $finder = $this->finder('Fahim:MyEntity'); $finder->where('date', '>', $date_q); $colA = array_values($finder->pluckFrom('colA')->fetch()->toArray()); $colB =...
  8. abdfahim

    XF 2.1 Call an action class through Ajax

    I declared a route with Controller = Fahim\TestAddon:MyTestPage and Route prefix = portal-a, where the class looks like below class MyTestPage extends \XF\Pub\Controller\AbstractController { public function actionIndex() { $params = $this->filter([ 'name' => 'str'...
  9. abdfahim

    XF 2.1 Pass custom data-* field from <xf:textbox>

    I have the following in a template <xf:textbox name="some_field" value="" type="text" maxlength="11" data-show="none" /> In my php class (that extends XFCP_Account), I can access the value using protected function someFunc($userid) { $form = $this->formAction(); $input =...
  10. abdfahim

    XF 2.1 Lots of banned users keep logged in all the time

    I have many banned spammers logged in all the time. It's annoying, aesthetically unpleasant (with lots of crossed username in members online block), and not sure if has any significant impact on the bandwidth (occasionally, I get max_num_users reached error in php). If I discourage all the...
  11. abdfahim

    XF 2.1 Add-on is listed in the ACP even after uninstallaiton and file deletion

    I noticed an anomaly in my XF setup which is not showing any symptom except causing itches to me due to the inexplicable behavior. I have uninstalled an add on from the ACP, and then deleted all the files from src/ and js/ (nothing else in other folders), but still, the addon is listed in my...
  12. abdfahim

    Use Google Place Search API to tag a location

    It would be cool if, with every photo, the user can tag the geolocation using the Google Place Search API Right now I use a custom field to tag a location, but that causes unavoidable issues such as misspelling etc.
  13. abdfahim

    Reaction name in a tooltip in mobile view

    Similar to while browsing in a computer, can we also have reaction name in a tooltip when browsing from a mobile? The icons might not be possible to make obvious all the time.
  14. abdfahim

    Delete multiple bookmarks

    Am I missing something or there really is no option for deleting multiple bookmarks in a single go? Also, is it really necessary to reload the whole page when I delete a bookmark from the user popup menu (I don't know what it is called though) because nothing else in the page is changed?
  15. abdfahim

    XF 2.1 Is there any performance impact of using multiple sprite sheets?

    If I have 10 reactions to show, is there any performance difference between using one single sprite sheet containing 10 icons and 2 sprite sheets using 5 icons each? Or maybe 5 sprite sheets with 2 icons each? Also, what is an easier and better way of making my custom sprite sheet so that I...
  16. abdfahim

    Option to exclude a reaction for photos

    Some reactions are more suited for a discussion, some for a photo. For example, reactions like "agree" or "disagree" is more suited for a discussion or s comment, but makes no sense for a photo in XFMG. So, if we could have an option for each reaction to be included/excluded in the photos (in...
  17. abdfahim

    Why the post approval queue doesn't show the username for guest posts?

    Since XF 2.1, the approval queue stops showing the username of a guest post. Is there any specific reason for that?
  18. abdfahim

    Merge a thread/move a post with a XFMG media content

    Not sure if this suggestion should go here or in XFMG suggestion. It'd be nice to have the option to merge a thread with an existing XFMG media content, i.e. move all (or some of) the posts as comments to an existing XFMG media.
  19. abdfahim

    MG 2.1 Always show album description

    Can we have the album name and description always visible (usually, it's only visible on mouse hover).
  20. abdfahim

    XF 2.1 Can I prevent a banned user from logging in?

    Time to time I can see banned users in my "Members Online" block (albeit their usernames are stricken-through). Doesn't it make more sense to prevent them from logging in?