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  1. Robust

    Fixed Missing phrase 'could_not_find_subscriber_id_for_this_purchase_request'

    As in title. Used in XF\Payment\Stripe line 450.
  2. Robust

    Load Stripe on all pages

    Stripe now advises that their JS lib be loaded on all pages, and not just checkout ones, to "best leverage Stripe’s advanced fraud functionality and ability to detect anomalous browsing behavior" [src] For XenForo sites with a Stripe gateway enabled, it may help websites to have at least an...
  3. Robust

    Toggle active status of 2FA providers

    The ACP page for 2FA providers already lists all the active and inactive 2FA providers but I don't believe it's possible to enable/disable 2FA providers using the frontend (unless I'm missing something). It would be nice to have a toggle to do this. I imagine this would be mostly useful for...
  4. Robust

    XF 2.0 Code style for XF2

    Is there a specific code style for XF2? I can't seem to get a similar match with the preset templates in IntelliJ. Do you have an IntelliJ code style file you can share?
  5. Robust

    XF 2.0 Upgrading XF1 -> XF2

    Updating an add-on to XF2, and in this all phrases, options, other things were renamed (new prefix, at least) or scrapped. The only thing it really shares in common with the XF1 is the data in tables. Since I changed IDs I'm guessing there's going to be a bunch of scrap left over, e.g. old...
  6. Robust

    Lack of interest CLI Tinker/Console

    Something like what Laravel/Rails would be nice. A CLI environment to be able to execute statements and view the outputs. Would help debug little issues or try out concepts without having to build a bigger foundation for them.
  7. Robust

    As designed Templates don't sync back into XF in the ACP

    Discovered an undocumented feature. Looks like if I edit a template in _output and refresh a page in the normal frontend, changes sync as they should into the templates. However, if I make an edit and only refresh within the ACP changes will not be synced. They only sync if you make a refresh...
  8. Robust

    XF 2.0 Is there actually a way to disable 2FA providers?

    I was looking into adding this functionality into my add-on since it'd be essential so users could choose which extra providers to enable. I noticed in the core there's a nice "active" column when fetching 2FA providers. Is there actually a UI way to disable 2FA providers right now, or will I...
  9. Robust

    XF 2.0 Ideal way to listen to saving options

    What's the best way to listen to an options update? Using a pretty messed up API that uses authentication tokens in a weird way. The user needs to supply a token for the add-on to create an actual token. When the user saves a new token, I'd like to run some code to contact the external API and...
  10. Robust

    Browser issue Can't see option ID when add-on is in the right hand side

    You can see the numbers fine if the add-on ID is on the right hand side, but not if it's on the left hand side. This is when creating options. For example, at xf2/admin.php?options/ipInfoUrl/edit&group_id=serviceProviders I haven't tried with another browser so it might just be me - but this...
  11. Robust

    XF 2.0 Excluding files in add-on build

    I know you have an additional_files option, but is there a way to exclude files from the add-on build? I have a git repository with some additional files (like and whatnot) that I don't want to include in the final release. I can't find a key to remove them.
  12. Robust

    Lack of interest Per-addon exception handling

    Can we assign an add-on to exceptions? Ideally, this would make it possible to use something for exception handling (something like Sentry) in public add-ons and report such exceptions automatically to the developers for faster bug fixes and give us the data we need for a quick fix. I feel...
  13. Robust

    Lack of interest Tests

    I made a thread on the old demo board about tests. Might be worth putting it over here. The ability to create and run tests would be really useful for add-on developers. It will at least help add some peace when updating a version and knowing that compatibility across PHP versions, with other...
  14. Robust

    XenForo Developer Slack/Discord

    A lot of developer communities for various languages have created Slack/Discord servers for developers in the community to use. It tends to improve the atmosphere for developers to get to know each other, share knowledge/tips, and for new developers to adjust into the framework. Frameworks like...
  15. Robust

    XF 1.5 XenForo 1.2+ Password Encryption

    Hey, Trying to port some data over from XenForo into a custom Rails app. Looks like after XF1.2, XF stopped using sha256(sha256(password) . salt) and started using phpass (0.3), slightly modified. Many versions of this were released, a couple got ported to Ruby, but it's a slight hit and miss...
  16. Robust

    Lack of interest Avatar should use the entire space in tooltip

    (proposed) vs (current) I think the whitespace looks a bit awkward, especially since there isn't meant to be a filler there. Shouldn't it use both rows?
  17. Robust

    XF 1.5 Changing styles causes issues with overlays

    Changing to another style seems to cause issues with overlays and causes js to break. I duplicated a style (exported it, and imported it). I changed nothing but the style's display name. No pop-up or overlays work. They all trigger this error: Uncaught TypeError...
  18. Robust

    Lack of interest Pre-installation steps support

    The main case I have here is license validation, but I'm sure it comes handy in other cases too. Callbacks seem to scare people. To be fair, callbacks in XF1 were a nightmare anyway. That Zend_Http_Client was awful. There are some cases I'd like to use some though. Something I never did in XF1...
  19. Robust

    Is anyone using EV SSL certificates here? Did it make a difference as far as user trust goes?

    Is anyone using EV SSL certificates here? Did it make a difference as far as user trust goes? Do your users trust your site more? Probably more aimed at sites that also accept payments.
  20. Robust

    XF 1.5 Incorrect Counters

    Completed an import and the counters seem to be wrong. They display an incorrect number when the actual (as I checked through the database) is a much higher number. How do I rebuild these counters? I can't see a special rebuild tool for counters (discussions and messages counters are correct).