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  1. Luke F

    Add CDN prefix option to getRequiredCssUrl

    It would be really great if an admin CP option could be added to specify a prefix to the return value of XenForo_Template_Public::getRequiredCssUrl Currently I'm having to edit this manually every update, whereas basically everything else required for CDN support can be done through template edits
  2. Luke F

    Browser issue Select-to-quote doesn't work on Firefox for Android

    As per title, no quote popup appears when text is selected.
  3. Luke F

    Fixed Couple of instances where select-to-quote doesn't appear

    When the start or end of the text selection lands on a quote box, even if only text outside of the quote box is selected as a result When selecting just an image (I can see this may be intentional, but honestly people quote images alone all the time e.g. in funny pic threads) (I'm using Firefox)
  4. Luke F

    Best Posts - uncover your top content [Paid]

    Luke Foreman submitted a new resource: Best Posts - uncover your top content - Shows most liked posts globally, per-forum and per-thread. Optionally integrated with Post Ratings. Read more about this resource...
  5. Luke F

    Defer spoiler html parsing until toggled

    A reasonably common usage of spoiler tags is to make image-heavy posts/threads more accessible. However in the current XF implementation, images within spoiler tags are still loaded in the background. It would be nice if spoiler html could be moved to a data attribute or similar and inserted...
  6. Luke F

    Server issue Error on new user moderation page with PHP 5.5.1

    This is occurring with enableListeners set to false too, and definitely was not happening before on PHP 5.4.17 (XF 1.2.0)
  7. Luke F

    Any interest in League of Legends stats integration?

    Just wondering if there's anyone interested in a public release of this: ? Underlying system is so it would require Java to be available on your server
  8. Luke F

    Lack of interest Option for addons to add built-in xenforo phrases to cache

    Is there any way a feature could be added to allow addons to enable the cache on phrases that are part of xenforo itself? It seems setting global_cache via datawriter will not survive a master data rebuild. Unfortunately duplicating the phrases is not a feasible solution, as they are used in...
  9. Luke F

    Fixed New selector in xenforo.js blocks certain custom bbcode

    $element.find('.bbCodeQuote blockquote').each(function() { If someone quotes a custom bbcode that uses <blockquote> (for example a spoiler tag etc.) this code tries to run for both the quote tag's blockquote and the one of the custom bbcode, resulting in an error when it later tries to locate...
  10. Luke F

    Fixed XenForo_Helper_String::getLinkClassTarget errors on relative URLs

    I think this issue is only triggered by addon code, but regardless a check should be added to ensure if $urlInfo['host'] is empty then it's an internal link. Error Info ErrorException: Undefined index: host - library/XenForo/Helper/String.php:283 Generated By: Unknown Account, Today at 12:42...
  11. Luke F

    Implemented Use all available space for navigation tabs

    It is not so noticeable on stock XenForo, but when you have more than double the amount of primary navigation tabs, it seems a bit weird having it look like this at one width: And like this with just a few less pixels wide: It would be excellent if as many as possible navigation tabs...
  12. Luke F

    Fixed Profile page <dl> spacing

    Very minor style bug, but it might be worth adding some padding to stop this happening: (note how the location line is squished together)
  13. Luke F

    Fixed Can't press enter to submit editor 'insert link' form

    Works on the insert image form, but not the insert link form. Not sure if this has been reported already (Using Firefox)
  14. Luke F

    Intermittent 'content encoding error' on

    Getting this on about 1-2% of page loads here on, has been happening for about 3-4 weeks now. Ruled out both connection (happens behind VPN and happened before and after my recent ISP switch) and browser (happens on chrome too, didn't yet screenshot error but it's a totally...
  15. Luke F

    Fixed Skype contact field doesn't accept windows live email

    With the transfer of msn to skype, quite a few people will be using their msn/live/hotmail/outlook/etc email as a skype identifier, so the field should probably accept valid email addresses. (not actually sure if you get to choose a skype name from the process as I merged to an existing skype...
  16. Luke F

    TaigaChat Pro - Realtime chat/shoutbox [Paid]

    Notes: Template hooks: The following template hooks can be used anywhere in XenForo templates or pages: dark_taigachat - sidebar shoutbox widget dark_taigachat_alt - full-width, reduced-height shoutbox designed to be used above or below an existing page such as the homepage node list...
  17. Luke F

    Facebook profile info cache

    Darkimmortal submitted a new resource: Facebook profile info cache (version 1.0.0) - Simple file edit for caching in XenForo_Helper_Facebook::getUserInfo Read more about this resource...
  18. Luke F

    Anonymous section

    Darkimmortal submitted a new resource: Anonymous section (version 0.0.1) - Does what it says on the tin Read more about this resource...
  19. Luke F

    Add-on Gauging interest in some addons

    Please pick the addon(s) you might be interested in on the poll :) Anonymous section: Creates a forum section where all users are completely anonymous, complete with lightweight styling (just posts, no user info block, signature, etc.) and handling for pretty much all systems in xenforo that...