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  1. P

    Add-on Auto tags & Auto meta tags plugin [REQUEST]

    Hey, I'm looking for auto tags plugin similar to this one: & Anyone have working solution for auto tags basing on thread content?
  2. frm

    Duplicate Add advertisement position in head tag

    Please consider adding an advertising position in the head tag. Forums that use Google AdSense auto ads can benefit.
  3. andybond

    Add-on Auto tags & Auto meta tags plugin [REQUEST]

    I have used Stuarts plugin and it works really well for tags based on the thread
  4. Jeremy P

    As designed No way to unlink a hyperlink

    I'm not sure this is a bug as much as it is a consequence of the auto-link behavior. You can wrap an URL in ... tags if you would like to work around the auto-link behavior.
  5. Earl

    XF 2.1 Ajax auto complete in custom fields / Resource fields

    Is it possible to use these type of custom fields? I want to have an input text field just like in tag search (example) as a custom field. I can see it uses <xf:tokeninput /> tags in templates and actionTagAutoComplete action in misc controller responses with the data
  6. V

    Tag Albums

    My albums usage is high and my users mostly make albums of public interest and there is no way to tag them. The convenience of tagging a single media is insufficient in terms of my usage. Auto thread creation with an album would have been helpful (so media threads can be tagged) but that's also...
  7. B

    auto tag generator for old tread

    hi guys i need auto tag generator add-on for old treads my xenforo version is 2.0.10 please help me
  8. pegasus

    VaultWiki - Changes in 4.0.26

    (released May 8, 2019) Fixed admin alert not appearing when failed task deactivates wiki Fixed nested tags inside CODE tags Fixed section links not auto-scrolling Over 10 other fixes and tweaks
  9. Tumpe

    Editor & BB Code Manager

    Thanks for the addon. When I disable media bbcode with an user criteria with media auto-embedding on, it works like it should but lefts unparsed bbcode tags visible. I guess it has more to do with the auto-embedding feature but would be a nice improvement on this module to strip those unused...
  10. colcar

    Ads Manager by Siropu [Paid]

    Hi @Siropu, I hope you still offer support for this addon. I've just got code for adsense auto ads and it says to put the code in the HEAD tags. I would just do that but I need to exclude certain members from seeing ads so I want to use this addon. With auto ads, Google decides where best to...
  11. R

    Fixed Tag auto-suggest no longer working in merge dialog

    Target tag used to auto-suggest when typing in Target Tag field in previous versions of XF 2. It no longer does...
  12. Kerstin28

    Ads Manager by Siropu [Paid]

    How do you identify the members that you'd exclude?
  13. Mike Creuzer

    [TH] Featured Threads and Content Portal [Paid]

    Tagging @Jake B. To confirm it auto thumbnails. I'm not sure if it will as it would need a photo to select from.
  14. doublespaces

    [TH] Featured Threads and Content Portal [Paid]

    Suggestions: 1) Auto-Promote criteria: First post must have image attachment 2) Show first post as article style on first page only (Otherwise each page will have overlapping/duplicate content) 3) Allow selection of where auto-promote will display the featured content and if it may be dismissed...
  15. Jean-Baptiste

    [] Better auto complete tag list

    Jean-Baptiste submitted a new resource: [] Better auto complete tag list - Relevant tag list : admins, then staff, then members ordered by messages and likes Read more about this resource...
  16. L

    Add-on Auto add Tag based on thread title

    I'm looking for something like this. A plugin that add tags based on the title. Does an add-on already exist for Xenforo 2? Tag essential doesen't have this feature. By the way do you think it's a good idea in order to improve SEO? Thank you all :)
  17. askandy

    Third party Text being deleted after @ tagging person on Android + Chrome + Mobile

    This issue happens on Mobile (Android, Samsung S6), using Chrome -- though I have not tested on other Android browsers. We did a test on an iPhone, and the below problem does not occur. If you @ tag someone on a reply of an existing thread, then try to type something immediately after the...
  18. Dalton Prock

    [TH] Featured Threads and Content Portal [Paid]

    Thank you for the suggestions, I'll get them added to our issue tracker.
  19. Azaly

    XF 2.1 How to add gender to userblurb?

    By default userblurb looks like [Role / Custom Title] · Age · Location. I'd like to add gender line as it was in 1.5 — Gender · [Role / Custom Title] · Age · Location. If I just edit member_tooltip by adding something like this <xf:if is="$user.Profile.custom_fields.gender">...
  20. R

    [TH] Featured Threads and Content Portal [Paid]

    Thanks! It wasn't under the addon options so wasn't obvious. If I'm using Xon's reaction addon, will "First post has a minimum reaction score of X:" work at all in any way? Would it be possible that "thread has this prefix" could be used as a thread auto feature criteria? We currently feature...