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  1. shenmuee

    Media as default home page instead of the forum, possible?

    Hello...I want to ask before I renew my license; I'm wondering if it's possible to set an media as the default page instead of the forum? in the my new project i dont want to use the forum...i want to use just the media. instead of the forum index. I mean I want to make a video site instead of...
  2. shenmuee

    Fixed Embedded Dailymotion video fullscreen not working

    I have embedded Dailymotion video on here; but fullscreen button within the Dailymotion video does not seem to work.
  3. shenmuee

    Add subtitles to a video on Media

    I want to add my subtitles on a video. I was wondering if it would be at all possible if you could do this^^
  4. shenmuee

    Turkish government has blocked Youtube and Twitter

    ~~ China? North Korea? Hey guys. Turkey is gonna join you! Turkish government has blocked Twitter and Youtube! Next Facebook. Democracy is dead. But the funny thing is we all can use by changing the DNS. Turkey? The country you are trying to reach is currently unavailable. Please try again...
  5. shenmuee

    Wuaa Xenforo Removed My Low Rate Review ~~@.@

    I was shocked ~~@.@ I purchased this addon; Xen Media Gallery And i tryed, i dont like it because of crazy a bug and no support and gave 2 star and a review reply the xenforo staff removed my message ~~@.@ they want i must give 5 star for this addon? You can see...
  6. shenmuee

    Which localhost server do you use for xenForo?

    I am just curious.... Which localhost server do you use for xenForo? Xampp, Zend or Apache? for me, i am used to Wamp. However friends told me there are no support for ApacheTriad anymore.
  7. shenmuee

    Is it possible to adding forum icons for XenForo?

    I have added couple of images to try explain better below. like this;
  8. shenmuee

    About Calibri Font on XenForo

    Why did you removed the Calibri Font from Xenforo? :(
  9. shenmuee

    Is this Forum Vbulletin or Xenforo?

    The first web site; I think its not vbulletin lol
  10. shenmuee

    Kunena Forum Converter

    It would be nice to have a Kunena converter. Just wondering if there is a Kunena convertor? Kunena;
  11. shenmuee

    Worst Movie Death Scene Ever!

    Wow this guy is a beast. He got shot like 8 times and still pimpin:D
  12. shenmuee

    Will New Xenforo get new CK Editor 4?

    CK Editor 4 is really gonna release soon and have quite a good looking default theme of its own as well, does New Xenforo will add it on its release or it will be added later on in the update cycle? Regards
  13. shenmuee

    InnoDB or MyISAM - what is better for xenForo ???

    i was wonder as a continuity to this post. if someone have some spare time, please share with me (and others) your feelings about using InnoDB and MyISAM storage engines in MySQL? Which one is faster or serves better for xenForo, in your opinion? My xenForo phpmyadmin issed;
  14. shenmuee

    Add-on IMDB Info Grabber as BBCODE

    I'm looking for a way to basically grab covers, plot summary, MPAA rating, tagline, genre, etc... i think if it possible to show movie, drama, cast infos from imdb using the movie ID with a BBCode for xenforo would be great = ) a demo on IPB...
  15. shenmuee

    Music Player in User Profile or Sideblock

    i would just post my idea here ^O^users will be able to choose from a set list of songs the forum provide and put them on their own playlist. there should be a moderator panel for song addition, edit and deletion. or forum memberss can have a mp3 player on their profile page, or sideblock...
  16. shenmuee

    Lack of interest More Friendly User Profiles

    i think would be great more friendly profile for users and as more which will give option for my users to rate eachother photos in albums, or to rate profile in next xenforo ...more icons, stats n i seen a mod for youtube vieos in the right column of the profile but i was just wondering if i...
  17. shenmuee

    about "be the first of your friends to recommend this"

    are the "recommend" and "be the first of your friends to recommend this" no phrases? what can i do for change these words in turkish? how to change it thanks
  18. shenmuee

    Fixed  delete a message in user profile

    after upgrading to beta6, when i go to deleted a message of user profile... ... i got the following message....
  19. shenmuee

    Media Library Populer, Latest or Random Videos in Sidebar

    well is it possible to get the sidebar widget to display just a single catergory rather than all the populer, latest videos or random videos?? if so where do i add this code? i think it would be AMAZING if the Video sideblock was also a clickable image ehh example...
  20. shenmuee

    Colorful BBCode Set

    i have tried around 5-6 times but not able to figure out how to make Colorful BBcodes for buttons ( Information - Tip - Note - Warning - Download - About User etc... ) Example :-) or...