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  1. VanHuek

    Duplicate Group Tagging

    Is it possible to make it so you can create a conversation and also tag a group as a whole with @... but make it so only certain user groups can tag certain user groups, to prevent spam.
  2. VanHuek

    Shared Hosting

    Hello, I am using siteground hosting and was alerted the other day that I was overusing my CPU and php executions and run a forums and a website, and have been forced to upgrade my siteground hosting. What I can't work out is why this is being overused: we have 124 members and maximum 16...
  3. VanHuek

    Add-on Claim Thread

    Hello, I am running a project and currently have a to-do list then every feature has a spoiler at the bottom for documentation but it is far from perfect. Is there anyone who would be willing to create something where you can create a thread or resource manager post which rather than a...
  4. VanHuek

    Increasing Limit

    How do I increase the limit of users I can see from 20 to 100, for example?
  5. VanHuek

    RM 1.0 Resource Manager Category Permissions

    Hello, Is there a way to allow particular user groups to download from a category in the resource manager but not another as I want to make some files public but not others? Thanks, VanHuek
  6. VanHuek

    Embedding Time and Date

    Hello, How would I embed <iframe...
  7. VanHuek

    BB Codes to reply menu

    Hello, How do I add BB codes like spoiler and Soundcloud to the menu above: Also I got a Soundcloud BB Code but it isn't ideal are there any better ones and can I add them in posts and as a widget?
  8. VanHuek

    Email in the Spam folder

    Hello, Whatever settings I do my email always goes to spam and some people don't think to check in their Spam box so I have had to disable email activation :/ which is fine whilst we are small and just the Dev team but when I publicly announce I do foresee problems. What can I do to stop...
  9. VanHuek

    Gravatar Avatar

    Hello, When I go to the change my avatar on my forums I go to Settings>Avatar>*type in email*>Test> it loads my avatar>press Ok and my avatar changes but then as soon as I refresh the page it resets to no having no avatar. If I then go back to Avatar it says it is Gravatar but no image.
  10. VanHuek

    XF 1.1 Nothing is Uploading

    Hello, Whenever I try to upload something on my forums be it in the resource manager or in a post it always gets to 100% then nothing happens. How do I fix this? Also how do I stop my mail being spam I've tried all the different options and follow the guide.
  11. VanHuek

    RM 1.0 Resource Manager Upload

    Hello, Whenever I try to upload something to the resource manager, on my site I press upload and nothing happens tried a PDF and PNG, both are included in the ACP. The settings I have edited are only related to "Number of characters to display" and "Maximum Resource File Size" to 20Mb. Also...
  12. VanHuek

    XF 1.1 Move from 'root' to 'subdomain'

    Hello, I've set up my XenForo board onto but when I log in it redirects me to, which is my wordpress site, and it is impossible to sign in. How do I move the forum to a subdomain for example as I created a subdomain with the same pass /public_html/forums and...
  13. VanHuek

    License Transfer

    Hello, I recently bought a second-hand license and am wondering all the steps that take place when a license is transferred, and how long this normally takes to see how far I am in the process. Thanks.