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  1. ibrian

    Thank you for the spam management

    I recently realized just how little spam affects my forums now, so I just wanted to say thank you to the Xenforo developers for managing to take control of and minimize a problem that had long been the bane of us admins. :)
  2. ibrian

    Duplicate IE11 problems with bbcode and smilies

    That's a surprise, as I was under the impression that IE11 is still widely used. My analytics says 16% of users run IE11.
  3. ibrian

    Give prior notice to members before paid upgrade payment

    It would be nice if it were a main feature of XF itself - hence my suggestion. :)
  4. ibrian

    Give prior notice to members before paid upgrade payment

    It's great that Xenforo provides a paid membership upgrade option. However, would it be possible to add an option for an automated email be sent to such users a week before any renewals? Just that would make for happier members. :)
  5. ibrian

    Duplicate IE11 problems with bbcode and smilies

    Just a heads up that some of my forum members are complaining about problems with using IE11 since we upgraded to XF 2.1.2, specifically relating to the use of bbcode:
  6. ibrian

    Fixed Issue with list bbcode and IE11

    Actually, XF 2.1.2 seems to have introduced this problem for my IE11 users. EDIT: no, not specific to lists. I'll mention in a different thread. Mods, feel free to remove this post.
  7. ibrian

    Focus on loading times

    Not knocking what's been achieved with XF in the years I've been with this platform, but loading speed is now increasingly a concern and I'd like to suggest that becomes a focus for the dev team to focus on soon. I mean, even the XF community forums don't rate too hot according to Google...
  8. ibrian

    Google PageSpeed Insights Page Speed And SEO

    Yeah, I'm looking at loading times now and wondering how I can improve them. Even the main XF community site doesn't score so well:
  9. ibrian

    XF 2.1 A way to limit Push Notifications message?

    Ah, right - I found the problem. :) In my theme, this notice - both the background and links for options - were the same colour: We strongly recommend enabling push notifications on this device so that you can be kept up-to-date with site activity. Enable notifications Ask me another time...
  10. ibrian

    XF 2.1 A way to limit Push Notifications message?

    Ah - then it sounds like I may have a styling issue that stops the "X" being visible. I don't suppose you can recall offhand which piece of CSS relates to the colouring of the "X" please? :) EDIT: Is it the following at the bottom of notices.less? &:hover {...
  11. ibrian

    XF 2.1 rel=nofollow on Facebook/Twitter Identity links

    If you mean links in the About pages, these use HTML rather than BBcode, so you can easily include that HTML code for nofollow in links. To edit your Terms page, go to the phrase terms_rules_text . Alternatively, if you create a custom About page, you can simply put in your text with HTML code...
  12. ibrian

    XF 2.1 A way to limit Push Notifications message?

    Some of my members are complaining that when they opt out of receiving Push Notifications, they can't get rid of the pop-up bar at the bottom of the screen asking if they'd like to receive Push Notifications. I think the Push Notifications are a great idea and they are working great for me -...
  13. ibrian

    XF 2.1 Reactions not working

    Which template, please? Even my default Blue XF style isn't showing the reactions pop-up. EDIT: Ah, problem for me was PAGE_CONTAINER, which had no old version to merge with, so I reverted it.
  14. ibrian

    Better Blogs [Deleted]

    This. :D Mine have been offline for well over a year, so I doubt a change of URL will can have any more of an adverse effect.
  15. ibrian

    XPress - A theme and bridge for bringing WordPress into XenForo

    @Mike Creuzer - did I misunderstand, but does Xpress effectively allow you to convert all forum threads to Wordpress posts? If you have an existing active install, do be aware that your forum URLs may change!
  16. ibrian

    Integrated Blogs

    I'm not sure whether it's you yourself - I'm simply paraphrasing someone from ThemeHouse in general. And while it's commendable that you've integated WP with XF, because Xpress does not actually provide blogging platform there remains that need to be filled. Hence this thread remains open and...
  17. ibrian

    Integrated Blogs

    You've said yourselves that it's not a blog. Looking at the features, it's simply described as a way to move Xenforo and Wordpress content between each software platform while still connecting to the same user data - it does not offer individual blogs for individual members, something I've...
  18. ibrian

    What do you want to see in 2.1?

    Another one - I don't believe there's an option to send a Conversation to new members? If I've over-looked it, it would be welcome to be pointed in the right direction. :) If not, it would be great to see this - allowing us admins to provide a welcome message, rules, or even items of special...
  19. ibrian

    Twitter integration not working

    I've ended up having to disable Twitter registration.
  20. ibrian

    What do you want to see in 2.1?

    Here's one - moderation tools for Conversations - at least the ability for mods to close them. That way, should a member decide to start a Conversation with all site moderators, one of them can actually close the discussion. I know I could simply restrict the number of recipients, but we also...