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    Graphic Design - My Positive Experience w

    All, Not sure if this is the right forum but i wanted to give a shout-out / recommendation to who just created a new header banner for my site No relationship or affiliation other than being a satisfied customer. I have zero artistic ability. I sent some...
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    Finally Updated from 1.5

    OK, I held off as long as I could but finally updated to 2.x. I was seriously considering flipping over to IPB, glad I held off. On a plus note, the install process was basically seamless. had a slight problem wit media gallery, quickly resolved. Lost almost all of my add-ons and themes...
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    MG 2.1 Regenerate Thumnails

    Just upgraded from 1.x to 2.1 including latest Media Gallery My Thumbnail images seem to have vanished, I just see what looks like an icon image of a mountain with a sun rising over it.. Is there a way to regenerate the thumbnails. Thx
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    Have You / Will You Upgrade to 2.0

    Hi All, I love my XenForo system, especially since it was previously on VB. Still, I am having a tough time justifying if or when I will move to 2.0. While those things "behind the wall" may indeed me more robust, it seems like it will be a huge investment in time and money. Many of the...
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    How long will 1.x be supported?

    While it is great to see 2.0 released, upgrading seems like it will be a big effort and investment. Many add-ons are still not supported while some older ones may never be. While the 2.0 update is free to license holders, this is not true for many add-ons. So, honestly I am struggling. I...
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    XF 1.5 Restoring threads / messages within a date range

    Hi All, A while back my host completely lost their server. I migrated to another host but lost about 6 months worth of data (I foolishly trusted their claim of weekly backups). Much to my surprise, they have now done some sort of restore. I would thus like to be able to export import any...
  7. A Nightmare

    OK, I was not even going to share this after admins deleted my original post. However, while I am not at all happy with the XF team at the moment, I do not want to see anyone else get hosed. My original post started with asking if anyone else was experiencing problems with as I...
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    Guess I offended someone

    i asked if anyone else was experiencing down time at my host. Admin deleted my post saying "if you are having a problem with host contact them. YET, on page 1 alone I see people reporting outages problems with go daddy and other hosts. Is it only certain hosts you are allowed to report on...
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    XF 1.4 Where to modify message to guests

    Hi All, Way back when, I set up something to display a message to Guests encouraging them to register. I do not recall if this was an option, a template mod, or an add-on. I cant seem to find where to change it! Picture attached, any help appreciated. I am sure it will be a "doh" moment...
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    Delete threads older than x days in selected forum

    As title describes. Would like to be able to delete posts older than x days in selected forum. Ideally should run automatically on a daily basis.
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    WTB: Convert Some Old Listbox Messages to Xenforo

    Hi all, My forums started way back when on Listbox, went to YahooGroups, then VB, now Xenforo. Anyway, a bunch of the original listbox messages never were migrated as listbox went belly up. However, I do have archives of all the original email messages. I am willing to pay someone to...
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    Importing from old emails

    Hi All, This is a bit of an odd one, just fishing for ideas. Way back when (maybe 15 years now) my original forum was hosted on Listbox whihc no longer exists. When they folded, about a year or so of messages were lost. Turns out that one of my forum members has all of those original...
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    Merging Forums

    Hi All, I am doing some housecleaning and would like to merge together all the messages from my forum 9 into my forum 5. Is this possible? How do I go about doing this? Thanks, Mike
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    Need a banner

    Hi All, My complete lack of artistic ability means that I will be pretty vague in describing what i am looking for. I need someone who can come up with the idea as well as execute. My site is The amphicar s an amphibious vehicle built in the 60's. You can drive it on land...
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    That was too easy!! Should I be worried.

    Last night after my VB 3.x site started acting up I did a cutover to xenForo, including migration of my data. Originally I was going to wait for some additional features to be released but am glad I gave up the wait. This was the easiest install I have ever come across. I did not have to...
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    Frequency of updates?

    How frequently can one expect to see new features being introduced in xenforo. I note a growing list of desired items. Are these features made available as completed or bundled into release candidates? As one who desperately want to migrate from vb but can not do so before things like full...
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    Email Integration Question

    Looks like you have put together a really nice offering here. As a VB user, I am intrigued. The big question for me is around email integration. One feature long missing, and oft requested in VB, is the ability for users to view and post messages to the forum direct from email. The lack of...