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    Other PAID: User Registration Via API (From DAP)

    I would like someone to write a plugin for Digital Access Pass (DAP) membership software that will register users on my XenForo installation via the Xenforo API. DAP has a plugin system that can be activated when a user is added to a product (when they buy) and also when a user is removed from...
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    Using Xenforo with Digital Access Pass

    I currently use the membership software Digital Access Pass (DAP) to sell several products. I'd like to add a support sub-forum for each of my products and also sell access to a premium sub-forum. DAP already includes integration with vBulletin - so you can specify that when a user buys product...
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    Options for password protecting forums/threads?

    Hi, I was wondering what facilities xenforo has/is iminently due to have for controlling access to areas of the board. The board I intend to launch will have a bunch of subforums for specific books(not my own products). I want to be able to restrict access to those forums to people that own...