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  1. Alice-SU

    Test/Dev to Production - delete all users

    I do not imagine or believe it to be possible to reset the user identification numbers
  2. Alice-SU

    California Case Update

    Generally speaking off topic. I find it so fascinating that the individuals whom claim to support XF the most are also the loudest and first to speak ill of it whenever possible. This thread is an idea example.
  3. Alice-SU

    California Case Update

  4. Alice-SU

    Add-on Arcade

    I believe this is a project we should fund. ;) But I would very much like it to be a public release so everyone could enjoy it sweetie. :love:
  5. Alice-SU

    Developers. May please have your attention please

    That was funny. But GOD loves you any way hun.
  6. Alice-SU

    Developers. May please have your attention please

    I did not think so. But if you do not already know. :confused: There are a lot of very talented developers here. I only desired to thank them all for their hard work.
  7. Alice-SU

    Manual Customer Verification

    :love: Take a second and visualize your future, imagine yourself in the next ten years from now. Imagine every aspect of your life that you consider ideal. Forget the expectations and standard laid down by your friends, parents, spouses and the community and walk in that path you have for...
  8. Alice-SU

    Developers. May please have your attention please

    Many will be shocked to find, when the day of judgment nears, That there's a special place in Heaven, set aside for volunteers. Furnished with big recliners, satin couches and footstools, Where there are no committee chairmen, no yard sales or rest area coffee to serve, No library duty...