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  1. murdercode

    XF 2.0 Forum home won't show you as logged

    Hi, after domain change (from root to subdomain there's something as a cache problem with the homepage. If I go into every forum or thread there's no problem, but when I go into forum home everything seems to be... cached (no data user in the navbar). No errors in...
  2. murdercode

    XF 2.0 Stuck on Rebuilding Templates

    Hi, after upgrade to XF2.0 I'm trying to rebuild data, but process going stuck to this screen: No errors log, what can I do?
  3. murdercode

    XFES 2.x "A connection could not be made to the Elasticsearch server."

    Hi, after XF2.0 upgrade I'm trying to re-enable XFES but I got this error: Service seems to working: $ ps -A 90771 ? 00:23:48 java $ service elasticsearch status elasticsearch.service - Elasticsearch Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/elasticsearch.service; disabled; vendor...
  4. murdercode

    XF 2.0 Math functions in XF2 templates?

    Hi, I would replicate this structure URL: <img src="/forum/data/avatars/s/_GROUP_/{$user.user_id}.jpg?{$user.avatar_date}"> As I can see, _GROUP_ can be calculated with this method: _GROUP_ = floor -> {$user.user_id} / 1000 (ya, this isn't PHP code, I haven't source in front of) So, the...
  5. murdercode

    XF 2.0 Current URL?

    Based on this topic: There isn't {$requestPaths.fullUri} in XF2? Thanks :)
  6. murdercode

    XF 2.0 Best place for uploading images?

    Hi, We are developing a plugin that needs to create temporary images in order to work, then process them into a single output (css sprites). In which folder do you recommend operating? A simple scheme following: 1. User upload an image 2. The image is in a /tmp directory 3. The image will be...
  7. murdercode

    XenForo 2.x Italian Translation

    murdercode submitted a new resource: XenForo 2.x Italian Translation - Make Italy (great?) again! Read more about this resource...
  8. murdercode

    XF 2.0 I can't post resources?

    Hi, I would like to share our first addons/translations in for the new release (2.x) however I don't see any button to do this and I can't go forward. Hi tried to search similar issue but without success. Thanks :)
  9. murdercode

    XF 2.0 A way for ovveride LESS variables?

    Hi, after import a custom LESS style now I would override some variables (as @xf-paletteColor2) but when a redeclare it I got this error: So the question is... there's a way to redeclare it? Thanks guys :*
  10. murdercode

    Inforge - your hacks community

    Hi, I would share with you our config of Xenforo, based on a vBulletin 4.x import in 2015. So, this is the Forum Home As you can see is a huge UI.X modified version, lot of edits are in the EXTRA.css (you can download it from Console). In Forum Home we used a sprite custom icons and used...
  11. murdercode

    XF 1.5 Skip (or revert) an Import Step

    Hi guys, After some successful step I'm stuck in the "Import Tags" because my table was not UTF-8. So now I got this error: I tried also to convert my table in UTF-8 without success. However I would know if I can skip - or revert this step - to "return back" before I clicked to "Import...