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    Nav dropdown hover?

    How can i change it? What's the css for it? I've tried many but it doesnt work. any suggestion?
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    Full Width Header Background with wrapper of 980px?

    Hi there, Anyone managed to do a full width header background with Logo, Nav and second nav inside a wrapper of 980px? I set 100% width in pagewidth. Content to 980px with margin:0 auto. Thanks.
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    Remove white from Searchbar

    I've move search to nav bar. Which file can I look for to remove the white around the searchbar?
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    extra.css or style properties?

    I'm creating a template. I need to know should I make css hanges in extra.CSS or style properties if I plan to release the template.
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    Question about Installing, Sub domain and XenPorta

    Hi there, I'm new here and new to XenForo. I need some help and suggestion. I would like to know if I should install it on my /forum/ folder? and make it a sub domain like How can I do so? Also, How can I make XenPorta as my main page? For example, will be XenPorta...
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    Wordpress vs XenPorta for news blogging

    How does it compare when it comes to blog news on frontpage? I've seen 8wayrun frontpage and it's done nicely there. I am still deciding to use XenPorta as frontpage or wordpress? Any suggestion would be great!
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    Used License

    Can I buy used license? Does xenForo allow this? Thanks.
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    Buy used license and other question about xenForo

    Hi all, I saw on the other board that someone is selling the license. What is the best way to deal with the seller? Do I need the license key itself or the account he have here? The license is registered to his domain ? How can I change to my domain? What I need on my website is a portal...