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    server upgrade new error

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    I know you guys have the answer.. Always do

    I am looking for an addon that can give me the options of things that would be able to only allow members to add or create signatures and also be able to post OUTBOUND links until after so many posts or a time period. Also not sure if could integrate a user upgrade option to allow this as well.
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    User Post Counter? Any ideas or good advice?

    I am looking for an accurate way to keep track of user stats based on monthly basis to use for contests and such.
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    CSS Sprites

    What do I do with a message like this? What is the procedure to do as they ask? The following images served from rearwheelhorsepower.comshould be combined into as few images as possible using CSS sprites.
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    How do i modify your apache config to make the default DocumentRoot your XenForo installation?

    How do i modify your apache config to make the default Document Root your XenForo installation? This is something I must do to use an addon I purchased and do not want to mess it up
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    Tried to run the Rebuild Cache ALL

    Server Error Undefined variable: postIds XenForo_Application::handlePhpError() in XfAddOns/Blogs/SearchHandler/Entry.php at line 62 XfAddOns_Blogs_SearchHandler_Entry->rebuildIndex() in XenForo/CacheRebuilder/SearchIndex.php at line 91 XenForo_CacheRebuilder_SearchIndex->rebuild() in...
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    Promoting and Building Forums: Tips and Tricks

    I am new to forums and have built mine but am trying to build up a member base. I was hoping others that have succeeeded as well as those trying and making progress would be willing to share anything they may have learned along the way. Also sometimes those things you may have tried and failed...
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    Xenforo Hosting

    Been a long time customer of Barrett Networks. Outstanding speed, uptime, support, and overall favorite host I have ever had. I have negotiated a great discount to my friends of xenforo Use promo code : xenforo30 This will give you a one time 30% discount You can...
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    Not sure if already in place but thought I would ask

    I am wondering if there is some sort of referral system in place for users. Would be used for instance in a scenario where current members are awarded for new members being referred etc. Is there a way to do this?
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    Wondered if you have used it and worth it? I have installed it and now I noticed my GTMETRIX Score is down. Without MaxCDN score was 90 / 80 With MaxCDN score is 85 / 71 So wondering if a MaxCDN setup is that much faster than a well optimized page without it.
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    File Health Check spitting up a bunch of problems

    I was trying to setup with maxcdn and when I change my config.php file it loses and red x's all the avatars so I switched it back. However I ran the file health check and it spit all of this up. File Health Check Potential Problems js/swfupload/swfupload.min.js File does not contain...
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    none of the tabs working

    Suddenly today none of my tabs work. Only thing I did was install apc and memcached
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    Could we create a sticky with all possible performance improvement tips?

    Wondering if it would be possible to create a resource for users and webmasters information to improve performance of their Xenforo installation. These could include any Xenforo script changes or adjustments as well as any server ends adjustments or tips.
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    site speed measurement

    How can I measure whether or not my hosting is faster or slower than most? Some sort of gauge for that?
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    who is good with server config for improving speed etc.

    I was reading about certain options and adjustments to improve speed and efficiency. Wondering who would be recommended for this?
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    Looking for a good addon to place ads for sponsor on xf

    Need good advice about a sound choice for an ad or banner addon for my forum sponsors
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    Where do most add their forums to help exposure?

    I am not new to backlinking however wondered if any places to add forums in particular etc.
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    Please Advise. How do I arrange forums?

    I am wondering if there is a way to arrange the forums order. I created them but now would like to slide a few in between. I am sure somebody knows. :)
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    Rear Wheel Horsepower Forum

    I just began my journey to build an ultimate community of people that breathe and bleed performance and have a love for cars, trucks, and motorcycles alike. I would love any and all advice and insight my fellow members are willing to offer.
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    Classified Options for xenforo

    I am looking to find the best option for classifieds while using xenforo. I have checked around and find a mix of people saying to use a seperate classifieds option like 68classifieds and others that say to keep it withing the forum however some were vb owners. I am asking here because I have...