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  1. Darfuria

    XF 1.1 Upgrading from 1.1.0 to 1.1.1 - no upgrade option

    Despite uploading the 'upgrade only' files multiple times, I do not get the option to upgrade my installation - only do a fresh install, which states it will remove all existing data because it detects my config.php file. Help appreciated!
  2. Darfuria

    XF 1.1 An unexpected error has occurred/other errors

    Intermittently, I get one of three errors on any page of my XF forum. "An unexpected error has occurred" on white screen Google Chrome error "Error 139 (net::ERR_TEMPORARILY_THROTTLED): Requests to the server have been temporarily throttled." Mysqli statement execute error : Prepared statement...
  3. Darfuria

    Deleting Users

    I want to purge a forum of all users with 0 posts - if I simply remove all users from xf_users with a message_count of 0, it will work OK?
  4. Darfuria

    Filtering poll votes

    The voting for a pretty hefty competition was foolishly run through a poll on a forum I administrate. The unfortunate result was of course that people signed up for multiple accounts to vote on the poll more than once. Through executing an SQL query, would there be a way of me getting results...
  5. Darfuria

    Shared Hosting Users

    Do you guys who have shared hosting accounts (non-dedicated hosting) have limits on your MySQL database sizes? If so, what is that limit?
  6. Darfuria

    Prevent search tables from being populated when search is disabled

    Is it necessary for the search tables to be populated when search is disabled on XF? If so, is there any way of preventing this from happening?
  7. Darfuria

    Cannot reproduce  XenForo functionality when tethering iPhone

    Due to moving house recently, I set up the tethering plan on my iPhone contract so that I wasn't without an Internet connection for a few days. I'm running XenForo on a forum I administrate, and it has been completely unusable when tethering with the iPhone. It seems that the Javascript simply...
  8. Darfuria

    Exclude node from What's New/Mark RSS as read

    I've got a couple of RSS feeds running on a forum, but they are heavily cluttering the What's New page. Is there any way of preventing a node from populating the What's New page, or the RSS feed threads being posted as read?
  9. Darfuria

    MacBook Stands

    Hey guys. I have a 15"MBP, just wondering if anyone has one of the MacBook stands (to elevate it when using with an external display, or whatever you may need) - and if they could recommend one.
  10. Darfuria

    Changing poll vote in database

    A forum member requested that I change their vote to a poll. I changed the poll_response_id to the correct ID - but their vote remains the same on the forum. Are there any other values I have to change, or cron tasks I have to run?
  11. Darfuria

    Lack of interest Closing thread closes poll as well

    When closing a thread to prevent responses, users are unable to vote in an open poll in that thread. I think this should be optional - as sometimes you may want a poll without a discussion, or to lock the thread whilst continuing the voting.
  12. Darfuria

    Feeder - YouTube feeds

    When trying to use a YouTube RSS feed with the feeder, I get an unspecified error - "please try again later". An example of a YouTube RSS feed URL would be:
  13. Darfuria

    Show members with less than 1 post (0 posts)

    How can I go about filtering the members of my forum to those who've never posted? On the "Search for Users" page, I can only filter by "message count is at least...", and at least 0 is obviously everybody.
  14. Darfuria

    First Spammer

    Migrated my phpBB3 forum to XF on the 1st of November, and this morning we got our first spam registration/poster. No big deal, as we used to get about 20/30 of them per day on phpBB3 - and getting rid of him was a much quicker process. Let's hope some integration with Stop Forum Spam comes as...
  15. Darfuria

    Browser issue  Embedded content doesn't display in Google Chrome

    Got 10 or so users using Google Chrome on different computers saying that embedded content (images, videos) doesn't display for them. It's sometimes, but not always, resolved by refreshing. Doesn't appear to be happening in any other browser.
  16. Darfuria

    Moderators banning older users

    It seems that after a while, the "Spam" link on user badges disappears, which prevents moderators from being able to ban people. In the case that a moderator needs to ban someone who has been registered for long enough to warrant not having the "spam" button (or what ever criteria that...
  17. Darfuria

    Search is broken!

    The search facility on this forum seems to be broken, currently. :(
  18. Darfuria

    How do I add a new item in the navigation with a dropdown?

    Can't find this through searching, and can't figure it out through copying code. Just want to add an extra dropdown menu to the navigation...
  19. Darfuria

    Implemented Admin panel - search for users with less than X posts

    I'd like to be able to find all of the users on my forum with 0 posts, which, as far as I can tell, I'm currently unable to do - because I can only search for users with X posts.
  20. Darfuria

    How do you get your forum users to read announcements?

    I always find on forums I run that if I sticky announcements, people get 'sticky fever' and don't check them - and if I put them in an announcements section, regardless of how busy the forum is, people don't check it. How do you get your forum users to read announcements?