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    Multi Prefix [Paid]

    @Xon Can you make this work with @Bob 's RMS/Showcase? About the payment for the feature - can we talk about it?
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    Not planned Please make XF compliant with Sept Google Structured Data Guidelines

    Google announced that the display of rich results reviews will be limited. This means that any reviews outside of those limits will no longer show review snippets. These are the allowed schema types:
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    Not planned Please make XF compliant with Sept Google Structured Data Guidelines

    Yes @Kevin .. Forums using @Bob 's Showcase and the RMS addons have also lost the star ratings on google.
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    Not planned Please make XF compliant with Sept Google Structured Data Guidelines

    XF Forums appear to have LOST the ability to show star ratings in Google Search. I have checked many forums and stars don't show on Google for forums using XF anymore - they used to previously. @Chris D @Mike Could this be the reason...
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    [cXF] Thread snippet [Paid]

    Thank you for obliging @BassMan . Useful :)
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    Editor & BB Code Manager

    Tried installing it on 2.1.6 Patch 1. Got this warning This add-on cannot be installed/upgraded because the following files are missing: klEMProxy.php. Any idea :oops:
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    XF 2.1 Excerpt in Forum Thread List

    I am looking for the same. Anyone know how to have the thread snippet?
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    Have most forums lost traffic from Google in Aug/Sep/Oct 2018?

    Same here :oops: Google seems to be making forums less relevant. They don't like users pooling elsewhere on small websites.
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    XF 2.1 Stop showing Time when Hovering over Date

    I want to stop time showing up when hovering over post date. How can I do that? Any way? Using Default Style. Help! Even universally stripping Time from Date will be useful.
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    [xenbros] New thread Grid Widget [Paid]

    @hemant_bhardwaj Will this work if there are only image urls in the thread?
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    XF 1.5 Hiding Broken Image Icon using onerror?

    I want to hide the broken image icon that appears when an image is not present. I tried the following: But it doesnt work. How to achieve this? :(
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    Elegant Dark [Paid]

    @Osman Interested, but I see the support forum is not in English. How do English customers communicate and get support?
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    s9e Media Sites

    S Sent you PM
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    Tag Essentials [Unsupported] [Paid]

    Can you please help me with this information. Can the wiki information be shown on the default tag page (that shows the thread list)? This was a feature in the addon for XF 1.5 but unsure about 2.x version. Any idea? Noone is able to answer this for some reason.
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    s9e Media Sites

    @JoshyPHP Can you make one for embedding infogram? This will help us use the awesome interactive infogram graphs/charts on forums :)
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    sonnb - Stop Spam Here [Paid]

    @sonnb Still in RC. Is this not suitable for live forums yet ?
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    [XD] Hide User Cell On First Post

    @XDinc You are hiding .listInline in css. This causes not only the username and date to be hidden but also the tags on the threads. Please note this!
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    [XD] Hide User Cell On First Post

    @XDinc The addon does not hide on mobile view. It only hides on desktop view. Can you please fix...
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    Multi Prefix [Paid]

    Probability of latter is greater... no? I raised the ticket - so Xon asked me to test the fixed version.