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  1. Banana Pup

    Best Hockey Fight Ever

  2. Banana Pup

    NYC passes soda ban

    Just wow..
  3. Banana Pup

    And you say xF is censorship....

    So in a thread here on xF last night I said some things against vB5.. Today I log into vBulletin forums to be greeted by.. You have been banned for the following reason: No reason was specified. Date the ban will be lifted: Never I have not posted on vB in weeks, so the ban had to be them...
  4. Banana Pup

    Looking to host sponsor a few forums

    I am going to be moving from Minecraft/gaming server hosting into some new markets. One of which will be a premium forum hosting niche, urljet can't have everyone =) I am looking to sponsor a few medium sized forums to have as some showcase clients when I launch. What I require: Forum must...
  5. Banana Pup

    WIP GW2Forum

    Still VERY WIP, but would like some input on the styling so far. Thank you so much to Shelley for all my CSS noob questions to get my background with what I feel is now perfect. Feel free to register too :)
  6. Banana Pup

    remove nodestats

    One of my forums has several sub-forums. I want to remove the nodestats of that parent forum.. Tried fieldset .nodeList.sectionMain .node.category.level_2.node_5 .nodeStats pairsInline { display: none; } But it still displays stats.
  7. Banana Pup

    MySQL fails to start

    I just added 2 Samsung SSD 120GB drives in RAID-1 to my dedicated server. I want to move MySQL to it but MySQL is failing to restart. I did the following: sudo mkdir /SSD/mysql chown -R mysql:mysql /SSD/mysql sudo cp -R /var/lib/mysql/* /SSD/mysql opened /etc/my.cnf and since datadir...
  8. Banana Pup

    Can a lisc still be transfered if member is forum banned?

    One of the admin sites, someone is selling a xF lisc, but it's been pointed out they are banned from the xF forum. Does being banned here also prevent your lisc from being transfered to another party if they purchase it used?
  9. Banana Pup

    Search broke!

    Starting tonight, anything I search on xF I get.. XenForo Community - Error The search could not be completed. Please try again later.
  10. Banana Pup

    Can't find the template

    I have gone though and used search, but I can't find which template the "(You must log in or sign up to reply here.) " is in.
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    Unlimited Sites with 1 Paypal IPN [Paid] [Deleted]

    GeekHost submitted a new resource: Unlimited Sites with 1 Paypal IPN (version 1.0) - Accept UNLIMITED sites payment processing using 1 Paypal IPN Read more about this resource...
  12. Banana Pup

    Cloudflare IPs

    I just started using cloudflare and now all members IPs are showing as CF IPs rather then ISP. Any idea how to fix? I'm using CentOS6.2 and cPanel/WHM.
  13. Banana Pup

    FB Connect stopped working

    Suddenly this moring FB connect stopped working.. ErrorException: mkdir() [<a href='function.mkdir'>function.mkdir</a>]: Permission denied - library/XenForo/Helper/File.php:66 Generated By: Unknown Account, 5 minutes ago #0 [internal function]: XenForo_Application::handlePhpError(2, 'mkdir()...
  14. Banana Pup

    A year has almost come to a close

    So a year since i purchased xF is coming around the bend. I know not renewing, I can't receive any new update downloads. My question is though do I lose access here to forums only open to lisc holders and will I still be able to download mods in the resource section? Money is tight atm, so I...
  15. Banana Pup

    XF 1.1 cookies and xcache

    I recently made a move from ngnix to litespeed and now using cache instead of memcache. Anytime I do anything in admin panel, every page load logs me out and have to log back in to save change. Then when I move on to another option or area, logged out again. Only has happened since changing...
  16. Banana Pup

    Error trying to use gmail smtp

    I just found out my host limits mail to 100 per hour so I am trying to set up smtp to use gmail. Error I get trying to send. I tested only for admin usergroup and get this error even then. An exception occurred: Mysqli prepare error: MySQL server has gone away in...
  17. Banana Pup

    Sub Forum mod...

    Anyone know what mod they use @ to split the NHL team forums like that and does something like this exist for xF?
  18. Banana Pup

    Remove Page Titles Under Breadcrumb?

    On pages, I have found how to remove the breadcrumb, but I can't find how to remove the page title that sites between the breadcrumb and the page's content
  19. Banana Pup

    XF 1.1 Jibberish text.. Mac only?

    Suddenly on all pages, the title block has turned to jibberish text. See screenshot attached. Oddly it is only doing it on Safari on my G5. On both my PeeCee laptop and safari on iphone it's fine.
  20. Banana Pup

    Change subnav bg

    How can I add a bg image to the subnav? Also on the xenportal subnav I'd like to change the links like watched threads, recent activity etc to hard coded custom links but can't find were to do that.