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  1. Belazor

    XF 1.1 Cannot login, controller for route path error

    Hey all, I'm currently getting into XenForo development, but ever since upgrading my dev board to v1.1 I can't log in to the front-end. Logging in to the AdminCP works fine, though. I receive the following error: "A controller for the route path devboards/XenForo/login/login was not found."...
  2. Belazor

    Partial fix AdminCP: Form Data lost on Back button

    I'm currently attempting to learn how to write Add-ons for XenForo, and in doing so I've found you need to submit a lot of forms in various ACP areas to get ACP navigation / links up and running. I was attempting to create a new Admin Navigation entry, and I was not aware that the ID field has...
  3. Belazor

    [DragonByte] xFShout [AJAX]

    DragonByte Technologies are proud to present xFShout v1: The most advanced, Most feature-rich and most professional shoutbox ever. Why xFShout? The two owners of Dragonbyte Technologies have a combined experience of over a decade producing, designing and coding vBulletin modifications. We...
  4. Belazor

    Fixed  "BBCode Sites" function oddness

    It seems to me that the $cache variable in this function is largely pointless: public function getBbCodeMediaSitesForCache() { $sites = $this->getAllBbCodeMediaSites(); $cache = array(); foreach ($sites AS &$site) {...
  5. Belazor

    [DBTech] Top X Stats

    Anyone who's ever used DBTech's InfoPanels on vBulletin - or indeed any other auto-refreshing Top X Stats mod - would feel like their forums were naked without it. So, as I was trying to familiarise myself with XenForo and its new coding style, I created this modification. Currently, it only...