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  1. Uniphix

    Permissions Guidance

    Hello all, First of all, I need to mention that the system that I have designed is pretty heavily revolved a multi-client system. What this means is that all of our clients uses the same exact system throughout the entire website. That means 1 XenForo Installation across all of our clients...
  2. Uniphix

    Lack of interest XenForo_Locale Formatting

    Hi, I noticed that 'w' option when using XenForo_Locale::date($time, 'w'); would not output what day of week it was. So I suggest that 'w': is added via: case 'w': $output .= $dayOfWeek; continue;
  3. Uniphix

    Fixed I have noticed a bug with filter_list.js when it comes to filtering ajax with groups

    In filterAjax function find var $items = $children.filter('.listItem'), items = []; $items.each(function(i, el) { items[i] = new XenForo.FilterListItem($(el)); }); and replace with var $items =...
  4. Uniphix

    Can you Reroute Controller POST to another Controller?

    When a route is executed as a POST, ie for example register/register url structure. Question is can I reroute a controller Form POST to another controller. A good example of this is we have a way that our members can register through the registration process for a specific area, and paid for...
  5. Uniphix

    XenForo.context vs function .bind

    What is the difference the $.context (extended from jQuery via XenForo) function works like the function bind? for example... $('#element').click($.context(this, 'elementClick')); I can see that it would work best this above if your trying to reference a function...
  6. Uniphix

    Lack of interest Compilation of Phrases, Templates, Admin Templates etc. in Deferred

    Hello, Our production site uses XenForo as a core framework for our Group Development Platform similar to the concept of a Learning Management System. And I have created a Translator Addon that works with Bing and Google. Now I know my addon is not the cause of the problem because when I...
  7. Uniphix

    XF 1.3 updateNestedSetInfo in Node.php

    I noticed //TODO: This should probably have a much cleverer system than forcing a complete rebuild of the nested set info... Is there plans to increase this for performance? I am actually using the nested concept for another project but when I get more than 10,000 entries nested and what not...
  8. Uniphix

    Advance AddOn System

    Uniphix submitted a new resource: Advance AddOn System - Extends the AddOn System for better installation steps. Read more about this resource...
  9. Uniphix

    Lack of interest Search Multilingual

    It would be nice that when we use the phrase system to be able to search multilingual across for those who are searching for something in their language. Currently I don't think XenForo does that right now. I am not sure if anyone has suggested this before. Thanks Ben
  10. Uniphix

    XF 1.2 Custom Search DataHandler

    Hey there, We use the XenForo Phrases, and a Google/Bing translator to automatically translate some of our phrases into their respectful languages. Now if a user has chosen another language how can we search against their language phrases IE the search_index only has content_type, content_id...
  11. Uniphix

    Lack of interest FilterList for adminCP and other areas

    I have a picky issue, that requires me to modify the XenForo.FilterList. It would be nice to be able to add data-noCookie or something of this sort to where the search filtering is NOT saved even after page refresh. Thanks, Upx
  12. Uniphix

    Lack of interest JavaScript System Improvement

    Hello, Lately, i've been needing to create some intense JavaScript code that would basically wrap around jQuery, and my custom 'framework'. Something that may help improve the development speed of creating objects in a XenForo Framework. It has been known to work well, and the thing is it...
  13. Uniphix

    Fixed FieldAdder js Clone bug

    I am using the FieldAdder part of the XenForo.js script. Now when I add a SpinBox into the FieldAdder to clone it will create multiple +/- when it should only create it once, the first +/- works fine but the others which shouldn't be there are appearing. Now I can hotfix it on my end with no...
  14. Uniphix

    XenForo Template (XML)

    Hey all. Will using XML in xenforo templates cause problems? Considering that HTML/XHTML or HTML5 is all based on the XML Environment so I'm probably answering my own question but I need confirmation. Basically I want to dynamically generate XML content and data right into the Template itself...
  15. Uniphix

    XF 1.2 Redactor 9.1.9?

    Will XenForo be using Redactor 9.1.9 there are some fixes, and features in 9.1.9 I need?
  16. Uniphix

    XF 1.2 Image /Media Resize

    Is there a reason why there is no resize, position option that comes with the default Redactor for 1.2? U
  17. Uniphix

    Not a bug Overlay deCache form submit not calling onClose event?

    I am not sure if this is a bug but for some reason when I look through the XenForo js code I am noticing that if you don't setup a cache method that it should deCache correctly. Well when I submit a form or something that I don't want cached it should deCache that overlay is my understanding...
  18. Uniphix

    Deferred System

    Can a developer or someone explain how to use this system correctly? I can't for the life of me figure out how it all works so that I can create some background tasks that are heavy on our system. Any explanation would probably not just help me but any other xf developers out there... Thanks
  19. Uniphix

    XenForo Model

    With the new XenForo 1.2 is it possible to extend the XenForo_Model to add additional methods??? Without overriding the core?
  20. Uniphix

    AddOn Updates

    When updating an addon already installed, lets say I have some listeners that are called such as initDependencies... One of the issues I'm having is when I need to rebuild data and the 'table' has not yet been created, or something of this sort or a table column is missing etc. SO in this case...