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  1. el canadiano

    Duplicate In RSS export, email address is always I'm currently using this RSS feed as part of a static website that I am building. I noticed in the email column, the email address is currently, whereas my (el canadiano) email is supposed to be scribbleseq [at] gmail [dot] com...
  2. el canadiano

    A staff member on my forum wants to purchase Add-ons for us here. Is that possible?

    I'm aware that if he signs up here on, I can add him into a forum whitelist so that he can download what he wants. He's mentioned that he's willing to pay for a few mods here and there, and we have identified one or two that we would like to purchase eventually. However, would it be...
  3. el canadiano

    XF 1.4 .htaccess redirect

    Recall that the default XenForo's .htaccess looks like this. # Mod_security can interfere with uploading of content such as attachments. If you # cannot attach files, remove the "#" from the lines below. #<IfModule mod_security.c> # SecFilterEngine Off # SecFilterScanPOST Off...
  4. el canadiano

    Facebook makes PHP 9x faster via virtual machine (HHVM?)

    Have any of you guys used Facebook's HHVM (the replacement for HipHop with PHP) with XenForo? If so, how did it turn out?
  5. el canadiano


    Hey guys, Not sure if this was answered yet, but is there a way to integrate @font-face into a theme, and if so, what is the best way? Cheers, el canadiano
  6. el canadiano

    Spammers are creeping...

    Hey guys, Although I would like to say that I normally have a good track record and such, I've recently been dealing with a lot of spam messages coming from statuses (I have Recent Status List installed). The users have not been making any posts, but they'll just make a spam message and go...
  7. el canadiano

    Analytics Errors?

    Hey guys, I recently changed hosts (first full day at the new host was on December 1, note the very first day on that slump) and after I successfully did so, I then upgraded to XenForo 1.1 (well done Kier/Mike, I do frequently preach about you guys on my forums) but then I've noticed my...
  8. el canadiano

    Two Minor Issues

    Just wanted to congratulate Kier and Mike again for a good release. Just a few minor issues that have come up, though. 1.) I'm not too sure if it's just my theme (1.1 Flexile) or is it a problem with XenForo 1.1, but a lot of the icons on the editor and the pin button is missing. I also posted...
  9. el canadiano

    If a post is liked and then quoted immediately after...

    Should the post receive only one alert and not two? I was just wondering what you guys thought.
  10. el canadiano

    Mario Kart 7 Forum - Not Racist, but #1 with Racists, I mean, Mario Kart players I will be launching a new Flexile colour tomorrow. I could potentially release it too though it's just one edit to do it. Feedback appreciated on the layout and/or the design.
  11. el canadiano

    That dreaded logout confirmation... Hey guys, I've recently manually tried to upgrade my XenForo theme (which, for the record, is a slightly modified version of Flexile) to include the logout button. My other administrator has notified me that there's an infinite Security Error when I try to...
  12. el canadiano


    Hey guys, Ever since recently, after posting threads, I get your_thread_has_been_posted (and your_status_has_been_updated), rather than the regular English title. Is there something that's going on? EDIT: Logging in... works.
  13. el canadiano

    How can I implement the new Google Analytics code?

    I was hoping to add the _trackPageLoadTime extension to track my forum's speed, how would I get around to that? Here's an example of how it's used in the new code. <script type="text/javascript"> var _gaq = _gaq || []; _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-XXXXXXX-X']); _gaq.push(['_trackPageview'])...
  14. el canadiano

    Extra \ parses before a ' or a "

    On my Flexile theme, they have a few fields to add some text strings and whatnot. In their "Right Area Content," I'll try to put something like this in their field. <p>Mario Kart 3DS Forum is currently in beta. All Feedback and Suggestions are greatly Appreciated.. <a...
  15. el canadiano

    How can we remove all instances of -webkit-border-radius?

    I've noticed a few flaws on the design part of the border-radius and all that, and I've noticed that in the CSS files that there is still -webkit-border-radius, which I believe is redundant because Webkit browsers all support the W3C standard of border-radius, so how can I remove all instances...
  16. el canadiano

    Not a bug  Node Permissions Errors in RC2?

    See if someone gets this error as well. I'm trying to create a staff forum/category, you know, for the admins and the mods to linger away, hopefully not ranting at the members. Now, you obviously want to hide something like that away from the regular folk, so be it. So this is the thing that's...
  17. el canadiano

    Did you vote xenForo? Self-explanitory.
  18. el canadiano

    Fixed  Contact Information Identities

    Hey Kier and co. I would like to first congratulate you guys on getting all this stuff done and I'm looking forward to the pre-release special. Anyways, I did find a few bugs while trying to add some contact information. Google Talk and Yahoo! Messenger both needed email addresses, yet I was...