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  1. dknife

    Third party Unfurl function not reading image secure_url from source site

    I assume it's taking the og:image metadata for the image. Example: Source shows an og:image and an og:image:secure_url however only the og_image is used therefore it's causing browser warnings for unsecure images. This has nothing to do with using a proxy or not either.
  2. dknife

    Mobile-specific style selection

    I'd like the ability to select a different style depending on mobile or desktop/tablet. I prefer light themes on my phone and dark themes on my desktop. So rather than having to change it when on my phone, having a preference specific to mobile would be handy.
  3. dknife

    Notice visibility seems to require show/hide toggle

    We wanted to have a notice with a banner image so I figured with the Visibility option for notices I could have a tablet/desktop version with the banner and text, then just a text version for mobile. However, the only options is to "Hide below X" which means whilst I can make a larger display...
  4. dknife

    XF 2.1 What does "overwrite files" mean for XF upgrades?

    When upgrading XFMG and XFRM it has a checkbox for overwrite files, by default unchecked. What does this mean? Overwrites all existing addon files with new versions Overwrites the downloaded upgrade file in case of corruption If #1, does that mean by default XenForo keeps a backup of all addon...
  5. dknife

    MG 2.1 Manually update category count?

    I need to update once the category IDs for albums and media based on another table linking to media IDs which is data outside of the standard XF structure. I can update the category IDs fine for both the xf_mg_album and xf_mg_media_item tables ok and they're all correctly appearing in the...
  6. dknife

    XF 2.1 Retrieving XFMG URLs outside of XF

    My site outside of XenForo utilizes the session and content framework of XF, mainly for the media gallery portions, displaying alerts and stuff like recent threads etc. I've been converting my dev site to XF2.1 and very very slowly wrapping my head around the new class structure and trying to...
  7. dknife

    Fixed Importing from sonnb missing most images

    I'm testing out XFMG on a new server I'm building and duplicated the entire site. When running an import from sonnb - XenGallery, it finds all the albums however it only finds 25 images out of over 5,000 in the database. I've verified all the images are working before running the importer and I...
  8. dknife

    bbcode to generate static content in message

    I have a function I wrote on my forum which displays dynamic content from the main site by simply using a bbcode tag and an ID to pull the data. This concept works great however what I really need is the ability to post the same content as either static or dynamic. The data it retrieves and...
  9. dknife

    XF 1.5 Server error 403 on Multi-quote

    Had this problem for awhile but actually resolved this with my host today, thought I'd post my findings in case someone else had the issue. I would get a 403 error when: Added a post to multi-quote using Quote+ button that contained a blank line between 2 or more lines of text and only then...
  10. dknife

    XF 1.5 Out of memory errors help

    The last month or so I've been getting out of memory errors on occasion, they aren't consistent and I'm not sure how to track them down. I've tried to research the issue but seemingly most causes previously have been bad hosting configs. I'm on a shared hosting server with 1Gb memory and 256Mb...
  11. dknife

    XF 1.4 SQL stmt error on reject user

    I'm trying to reject a StopForumSpam flagged user and getting an error. First time it's ever done this as I've rejected many a folk in the past. mysqli_stmt::bind_param(): Number of variables doesn't match number of parameters in prepared statement XenForo_Application::handlePhpError()...
  12. dknife

    Alert unread count?

    Using xfloader for several functions and full integration on my website with Xenforo, I'm able to easy obtain unread messages, since it's a field provided by User model. I want to display unread alerts as well. I can pull the data from the Alert model however it pulls ALL the alerts when using...
  13. dknife

    Lack of interest In-thread Moderator posts

    Please excuse me if this has been suggested before or implemented in some way, searching didn't reveal much. I've found it would be handy for administrative and moderation staff to be able to post in a particular thread that only we can see. So if there are specific discussions that might need...
  14. dknife

    XF 1.2 Updating custom field values

    My new website I have XenForo as the member authentication and session manager. I have a custom field created in XF with 3 options, the values being 1,2 and 3. I have the same field in my own tables outside of XenForo keeping track of this particular setting for the users. I've just added in...
  15. dknife

    RM 1.1 Adding discussion later

    I am in the final stages of finishing my new website which has xenforo as the authentication user system and discussion forums. I'm also utilizing the Resource Manager as my new file repository, rating and update system. For the migration I'm keeping the database very clean with no boards or...
  16. dknife

    RM 1.1 RM File Sizes

    So I'm in the midst of creating my new site based on XenForo for user management and on my current site I handle my file library myself in all custom code, including ratings etc. The Resource Manager for XenForo has a lot more desirable features I'd like to use but I'm not sure how it handles...
  17. dknife

    XF 1.2 Migration and id's question

    When migrating from another forum system (in my case SMF -> phpbb3 -> XF), I believe it stores the original and new post id's in tables? So for htaccess 301 redirects from old links we can use regex to shift to the new format and XF will translate to the XF id of the actual post correct? If...
  18. dknife

    XF 1.2 New install, issues with pwd hash and workarounds

    So I had actually discovered this issue with my current SMF forum a year or so ago but did a workaround and forgot about it. I'm a bit worried for XenForo though due to it being more updated for PHP. When I try to install XenForo on my host after created the DB and user, I receive this error...
  19. dknife

    Some XenForo integration questions

    I run a niche tabletop gaming site which started off with my own engine and authentication systems. I then added SMF forum systems later integrated into my website running them on the same database but with separate user tables. I achieved this through SMF because it provides both an SSI plugin...