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    Lack of interest Email Bounces - Log Filter please

    Great feature! Love it. Just have one suggestion so far It is recommended/required to have the mail account to be a catch-all account. Since we (sadly) get loads of spam, it would be VERY helpful, if we could filter the email bounces log to only show actual bounce events and just ignore...
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    Rating of Resources - Follow Up

    I hate to open a new thread for a topic I just started. But you read and locked the thread way to fast. I'm NOT talking about the general capability to configure. I was asking you to facilityte rating of AddOns HERE on I'm pretty sure AddOn authors would love to get some more...
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    Rating of Resources - Simplify please

    Hey gang, I would like to suggest the following: Please allow rating of resources (here on without the requirement of a 200 character text review. Reason: I would like to give a (excelent) rating to a couple of AddOns we're using ... although I don't have anything meaningful to...
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    Third party Facebook Share Button?

    Seems like the Facebook Share Button is out of order from today? Not a Facebook user myself but maybe they changed something? PS: Never mind, seems like it was just a short glitch from their side. Everything fine again. There was no "Recommend" button but a big Facebook Banner for a couple of...
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    Duplicate Unordered list - disc outside not showing in IE11

    There's an issue with display of unordered lists not showing the "disc outside" in thread view and IE11. Example List ... Watch in IE11 In the editor it's showing nicely, in thread view it shows briefly and then disappears. :(
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    Display results as threads - Fail

    Hi, I'm a happy elasticsearch user but we do experience a nasty issue. As soon as we use the enhanced search options to search with "Display results as threads" checkbox ticked, we only get 1 thread (actually thread #1 from 14 years ago) as a result. I've spent 2 hours reading and searching...
  7. lightbox - now XenForized :)

    Happy to announce that has been converted from vBulletin to XenForo last night. Conversion was mostly flawless, users seem to like it so far. (y) Only downside that causes lots of headaches is our CMS content. We had plenty of articles in vBulletin's CMS and while we've...
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    Not a bug  Editor Smiley Selection Button

    Hi, I think the attached image says it all. :) Old smiley as smiley selection button in the editor.
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    [Permissions] "Can select style/language" per user group?

    Hi, I would like to keep the default style and the default (english) language for internal use, but I don't want my users to be able to switch to these style(s) and language(s). In the user group permissions, I can't find corresponding settings like "Can select style" and "Can select language"...
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    As designed  Editor - Edit Post

    Try to edit a post and type something (or add some formatting like bold, italic etc.). Then cancel editing because you don't like the edit. Then click "Edit" again because you want to edit the original post in another way. You'll still see your prior changes, although you've cancelled the edit...
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    Pages listed by Google

    Hi, when I search Google for "" (where mysite would be my domain name, of course), I see lots of pages listed which aren't that interesting for a search engine, imho. Examples: /forumname.2/?direction=asc /forumname.2/?direction=desc /forumname.2/?order=title...
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    User Groups - Top->Down hierarchy!?

    I have an internal (admin only) forum. Node Permissions are set as follows: Admins: Allow All other Groups: Never I am an Administrator (Super Administrator to be precise, but "Administrative" is set as primary user group) Now as soon as I select "Moderating" as the secondary user group, the...
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    Browser issue  [code] bbCode Tag issue

    There's an issue with the code bbCode tag in Internet Explorer 8, if you post a very long line of code (see below, lots of blank space in the box, below the code). Doesn't happen with Firefox, doesn't happen with quote tag. one short line of code One very very very very very very very very...
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    Fixed custom Media bbCode for local videos

    I have a website running XenForo. I have lots of videos (tutorials) on my site to post to XenForo threads. I store these videos (and some additional files) in subfolders like:
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    As designed  Sticky Thread doesn't count to # of threads?

    Hi, it looks like a sticky thread doesn't count to the total number of threads in a forum shown on the bottom left of the thread list page.
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    Dark Style without template changes?

    Hi gang, I'm having a hard time to create a dark style with "Style Properties" only, without template changes. The re-use of color palette presets in the templates makes it impossible, I fear. I would really appreciate if Mike/Kier could maintain an additional "Default Dark Style" so they see...
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    How about special characters?

    Hi, how is handling of special characters like accents aigu, grave and circonflexe, umlauts, etc. and their respective HTML entities meant to work in XenForo? As far as I can see, special characters are not converted to/from HTML entities in many places. Can this be considered bugs, or has this...
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    Frontend Language vs. Backend Language

    Hi folks, I would like to discuss an issue I came across when trying to localize the frontend (what users can see): When I imagine that we can get a Central Registration System one day in the future, it will be possible to create multilingual communities pretty easy. Even languages we're not...
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    Lack of interest [Suggestion] BB Code Media Sites

    To get the best performance possible for video playback, it's best to use dimensions that can be divided by 16 ... like 512px x 288px for the video content. Finally add player bar vertical dimension if necessary (like 25px for Youtube). Reason: Video Encoding is done in blocks of 8 or 16px...