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  1. Chris D

    Fixed phpBB 3.3 conversation start option incorrect (possible password hash issue?)

    As far as I understand it, when you imported from Phorum that may well have allowed the existing Phorum passwords to work in phpBB, but they would very likely be in a different format to the passwords that phpBB. However, phpBB does have a similar authentication system to us in that whenever a...
  2. Chris D

    Fixed phpBB 3.3 conversation start option incorrect (possible password hash issue?)

    We've fixed the issue with everyone vs members but still curious about the password issue. Was this "real old forum" an old version of phpBB or did you import some other forum software into phpBB?
  3. Chris D

    Fixed Expired warning points show as active coming from vB 3.8

    We've sort of killed two birds with one stone in this fix. The User rebuild job (which runs for all users after import) now calculates the active warning points. The underlying issue here was that we were setting the warning_points in XF to the same as vBulletin ipoints and then later on...
  4. Chris D

    Awaiting feedback Error during PHPBB3 import

    Which version of phpBB are you importing from? I believe the forum_posts_approved field (and possibly the other one mentioned) was introduced in phpBB 3.1. It was previously named forum_posts. If you're importing from an earlier version of phpBB then really this is expected and we would...
  5. Chris D

    Awaiting feedback Not sure why it's going this?

    It's two identical attachments, so it doesn't appear to be demonstrating that.
  6. Chris D

    XF 2.1 after did backup

    There is no other way. You’d have to do the backup again following the guidance in that thread.
  7. Chris D

    Awaiting feedback Not sure why it's going this?

    What are you referring to exactly?
  8. Chris D

    Third party Unfurl function not reading image secure_url from source site

    If you’re running over SSL then you should be running the image proxy as it is as otherwise you wouldn’t be able to prevent insecure content warnings. It’s non sensical to provide an image over two different URLs so really it’s their own metadata and a lack of image proxy that’s the problem.
  9. Chris D

    Third party Unfurl function not reading image secure_url from source site

    That's not strictly true. The proxy is significant as having image proxy enabled entirely mitigates the issue, as it does here. While the secure version of the URL is part of the open graph spec, we don’t necessarily aim to support it and it isn’t required. Over time I suspect it will become...
  10. Chris D

    XF 2.1 Further secure

    There’s no need to rename either of them. The install directory is password protected already. A common approach is to secure them both with a password.
  11. Chris D

    How reliable is your importer?

    There are a couple of outstanding bugs but if you run into them when testing your import we should be able to advise you how to workaround them.
  12. Chris D

    MG 2.1 Media/Album thumbnails missing after upgrade - Rebuild thumbnails via CLI?

    I can’t recall us routinely rebuilding the thumbs after upgrade. We probably kick off a rebuild to rebuild the album thumbnails. But yes there is a rebuild in Tools > Rebuild caches.
  13. Chris D

    XF 2.1 override default phrase function

    I deliberately didn't mention that simply because we explicitly advise against it in the code: // We do not recommend trying to extend this class or the tags/functions it defines. Doing so may interfere // with the upgrade process. If you must do so, it should not be part of an add-on. It should...
  14. Chris D

    Not a bug vBulletin 3.8 "Key 'threadid' doesn't exist in table 'post'"

    For the avoidance of doubt all versions of VB I've got databases for from 3 up to 5 do have that index so it would seem that it being missing is unexpected.
  15. Chris D

    XF 2.1 Xenforo importer running slowly

    The import process is single threaded by default. You can spin up multiple processes with the --processes X option when calling the import command.
  16. Chris D

    XF 2.1 Security Headers Duplicate

    Yes, we add both those headers by default.
  17. Chris D

    XF 2.0 Display condition - public navigation

    $xf.visitor.user_id Guests have a user_id of 0, this condition is short hand for "User ID is greater than 0" so it would exclude guests. FWIW if you're checking for a user group it would be: $xf.visitor.isMemberOf(1)
  18. Chris D

    Not planned English pack needed.

    I mean, @Brogan wasn't even interacting with you or commenting on the suggestion. He was simply making a light hearted joke about the claim that @DragonByte Tech made that no one corrects US English to UK English online. And I'm not trolling anyone. It's just a statement of fact, to make clear...
  19. Chris D

    Guests able to view albums for members only

    If you disable the permission "Change privacy of own album" then any new personal albums created going forward will come from the "Default personal album view privacy" option and they will not be able to change it. If you want overall control then you probably want to disable personal albums...