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    Database Query to Add List Usernames to a Secondary Usergroup

    Does anyone know a database query that can be used to assign a list of usernames to a given secondary usergroup. Many thanks in advance.
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    Add-on Automatically Apply Prefix Based on Usergroup

    Does anyone know of a mod or add-on that allows one to force a prefix to be applied for every thread created by a given user group? Ideally regular users of that usergroup would not be able to remove that prefix.
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    Add-on New XF Groups/Clubs Add-On - Partners to share development costs

    We are looking to support the development of a new groups/clubs add-on for Xenforo. We have a list of features we intend to include (which we can share with you), and are looking for potential partners willing to share development costs, who may have their own functionality needs that they would...
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    Add-on Social Sharing of Posts

    Hi all, Xenforo has built-in social buttons to share pages/threads to facebook, twitter, google+. There are also some great add-ons to expand this. However, I seem unable to find an add-on that will allow one to share a specific post directly to facebook, twitter, etc. This is something our...
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    Requesting Help: VB4 > Xenforo 1.4/1.5 Migration; Wordpress Bridge/Integration; Add-ons

    Hello, We are looking for developers who really know both Xenforo and Wordpress well and can help with a number of items. We are willing to work with a few individuals if necessary, so we don't expect any one person to be able to assist with all items (though that would be ideal). Please see...