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  1. Sachaa

    Resolved [Paid]

    @AndyB It would be nice a lock/unlock setting when a thread is resolved/unresolved.
  2. Sachaa

    Cover photo [Paid]

    It would be nice cover photo also in member card with an alignment setting:
  3. Sachaa

    [TH] Covers [Paid]

    Hi. This problem (reported time ago) continues:
  4. Sachaa

    XF 2.1 Thread's replies and views

    Hello. I discovered a bug in my forum. Since XenForo 2.1.1 update thread's views and replies work like views=replies+1:
  5. Sachaa

    [TH] Covers [Paid]

    Yes, but i am not sure if its fully customized. I sent you forum url via PM.
  6. Sachaa

    [TH] Covers [Paid]

    Thanks for the update. Point 1 was fixed but not point 2. Example Forum Index without cover (FAIL): Example Discussion List without cover (OK): Example Inside Thread without cover (OK):
  7. Sachaa

    [TH] Covers [Paid]

    Hello. I found 2 bugs: 1- When you upload/adjust a cover and cancel, changes are saved anyway. 2- Some profiles cards are misaligned in forum INDEX:
  8. Sachaa

    Advanced Forms for XenForo 2.1+ [Paid]

    Thank you Snog, the solution was in front of my nose.
  9. Sachaa

    Advanced Forms for XenForo 2.1+ [Paid]

    Hi @Snog! Do you know why thread prefix only works when the form is created by an admin? If you are a normal user the form is created without the prefix.
  10. Sachaa

    Question Threads

  11. Sachaa

    Advanced Forms for XenForo 2.1+ [Paid]

    @Snog with advanced forms its possible upload attachments like images?
  12. Sachaa

    Advanced Forms for XenForo 2.1+ [Paid]

    I will only see youtube and image link?At this moment its enough i guess, but it would be so good the way i say but i can wait for an update.
  13. Sachaa

    Advanced Forms for XenForo 2.1+ [Paid]

    When you complete form with img or video link, link appears in the thread. With videos there is no problem because xenforo has autoembed, but with images will appear only the link i guess. To show the image the link needs to be involved with [/IMG] bbcode.
  14. Sachaa

    Advanced Forms for XenForo 2.1+ [Paid]

    @Snog with this addon i can create custom thread forms like this? What about prefix? I can set a default prefix for each form?
  15. Sachaa

    XF2 - Full page text editor for replies

    I agree with this. XF needs it.
  16. Sachaa

    [TH] Reactions [Deleted]

    Perfect, but you are not using reactions addon... BTW: very nice site.
  17. Sachaa

    [TH] Reactions [Deleted]

    After installing it, thread navigation turned very slow/freeze (without fluency). With default XF's likes system didn't happen. How can i fix it? URL: Only with google chrome, with firefox works fine.
  18. Sachaa

    Goodbye forums, Hello Facebook groups!

    Forums will never die.
  19. Sachaa

    XF 2.0 Center user info

    Hello. I opened this thread because i need some help! How can i center user info (register date, messages, likes, custom profile fields) in posts? I use Xen 2.0.7. I saw old topics talking about that, but are for old versions of forum and didn't work for me. Thanks in advance