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  1. Solari

    RFP (XF1.5): Send SMS news alerts to specific usergroups

    Greets, We are looking for a developer to build an add-on that utilizes Twilo ( to allow administrators to send breaking news alerts via SMS to specific usergroups (in our case, paid subscribers). This add-on would: 1. Pull phone numbers from a custom profile field...
  2. Solari

    Add-on (XF1.5) RFP: Custom add-on to let users move threads to another forum

    We have a read-only news forum where XF's RSS feeder pulls in news items. I'm looking for an easy, essentially one click way for users to: click on a link or button inside the thread (in the post is fine as each thread will only have one post - the news item) select from a list of pre-defined...
  3. Solari

    XF 1.5 Installed add-on, crashed site & database server... How to remove?

    I made the mistake of installing an add-on before making a backup (SMH) and it took the entire site and database server down. Obviously I can't get into XF admin so what is the best way to remove the add-on? I can FTP in and remove it but not sure it if would leave a mess? Appreciate any...
  4. Solari

    Add-on (XF1.5) RFP: Need add-on to truncate incoming RSS feed

    ...via Registered Feeds. I'd like to be able to set a value in Registered Feeds options to limit the size of the content pulled in so as to avoid copyright issues because some feeds are full feeds. To be clear, this is for XF 1.5, not 2. So I'd like to be able to set a value of, say, 500 to...
  5. Solari

    XF 1.5 Truncate RSS entries via Feeder?

    Is there a way to have the XF Feeder only pull in say one or two paragraphs rather than an entire story from a full RSS feed? I'd like to honor copyrights, etc. Thanks. Ray
  6. Solari

    XF 1.5 Getting "invalid sitemap file" and related server errors

    Initially I referenced this thread, thinking it was a permissions issue but our server techs looked at it and determined it's not. We're also getting server errors as shown below: ErrorException: fopen(/home/gators/public_html/swampgas/internal_data/sitemaps/sitemap-1522993044-1.xml): failed to...
  7. Solari

    Any interest in integrating XF w/Mastodon? It’s an intriguing open source social network. I’m wondering if there might be interest in some kind of integration with it... or if it even makes sense. Just curious to see what yawl think of the possibilities. Ray
  8. Solari

    Looking for someone to create font awesome thread prefixes for us

    Greets, I'm looking for someone to create a few custom thread prefixes for us consisting of font awesome icons. It's very likely we will need the font awesome pro package since it has the sports we need so it would need to work with that somehow (probably needs to be hosted on our server due to...
  9. Solari

    Add-on For XF1.5 -- assign style to specific usergroup

    Greets, We would like an add-on that would allow us to assign specific styles to specific usergroups automatically. For instance, we have a usergroup that are paid members so we would like them to be assigned to an ad-free style. I hope this makes sense! If you need clarification, just let me...
  10. Solari

    XF 1.2 Forum front page now shows error

    Greetings. This is a bit of an urgent problem. Our XF forums are now showing an error on the front page of the forums, simply saying "The requested page could not be found." This is at I'm trying to troubleshoot this - the category pages themselves seem...
  11. Solari

    XF 1.2 Feeder works very sporadically, if at all

    Greetings, We recently switched from vB to xF and use the Feeder to pull links to stories from our front page into the forums when they're posted. For whatever reason, on xF the Feeder doesn't work very well, mostly not at all so our writers have to post and sticky URLs to the stories...
  12. Solari

    XF 1.2 User tagging alerts not working

    Is there something I need to toggle somewhere so when someone is tagged @Name in a forum it's supposed to alert them? Thanks.
  13. Solari

    Duplicate Option to unsticky registered feed posts after certain time?

    Greetings, On vB, we're used to it pulling our news feeds from our RSS feed, stickying them, and then setting the stickies to expire after 24 hours. xF feeder doesn't seem to have that last option. Can this be added or is there a way to make this work? Thanks.
  14. Solari

    XF 1.2 I'm getting errors when editing html templates.

    We are using the UI.X frame work for the theme. I've made a child them and I need to edit the header template. I'm finding the any change I make is giving me an error. Always the same error. The following templates contained errors and were not saved: header: 1) Line 1: Template syntax error. I...
  15. Solari

    XF 1.2 On importing from vB 3.7, over 10K users disappeared...

    At least according to the user stats - in XF importer, it does say 22k members were imported but when I go into XF admin and users (as well as the forum front page which lists total users), it says there's 10k, about half gone... Any idea what happened here? Thanks, Ray
  16. Solari

    XF 1.2 Getting "Mysqli prepare error: Table 'gators_swampgas.prefixset' doesn't exist" error when importing

    ...from vB. Any ideas how to fix this or get around it? This is when importing thread prefixes. I checked the database itself, the table is there but there's no data inside it. Thanks! Ray Server Error Mysqli prepare error: Table 'gators_swampgas.prefixset' doesn't exist...
  17. Solari

    We'll be switching to Xenforo from vB very soon... Any recommendations? (High traffic)

    We're excited about it, esp. now that development has restarted on xF. Our website has over 60 million pageviews a year and we're confident xF will handle it with aplomb. Our forums had over two million posts with 17k registered members, but we've heavily pruned them down to about a half a...
  18. Solari

    We need someone to help customize/style our XF

    ASAP, preferably this weekend. We'll likely be purchasing an existing template/theme that closely mimics what we're looking for and then have it customized a bit. One of the things we need is our menu from our Wordpress site to somehow be mimicked on the XF side so it's pretty consistent. If...
  19. Solari

    Advertisements integration?

    Apologies if this has been discussed here before, I've searched with no luck. Are there any Addons that deal with deploying advertisements through the forums like it used to be done on vB using RedTyger's implementation, etc. where certain user groups didn't get ads, etc? Thanks! Ray