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  1. anfimovir

    Not a bug Notable members

    Click: Members - In title: Notable members May be update to simple: Members
  2. anfimovir

    broken link in description Bugs are moved here after they have been handled in the Open Bug Reports forum. Need update to correct url.
  3. anfimovir

    Fixed Text color - design issue or not?

    Browser Firefox 56.0.2 64 bit OS Windows 10 Pro Screenshot in attach..
  4. anfimovir

    Duplicate [Resources] User Avatar

    Hello, Firefox 9.0.1 (win7) URL: The user avatar instead of being stretched in a frame very much free space, you may want to reduce the frame to fit the avatar, or vice versa stretch avatar. Screenshot:
  5. anfimovir

    As designed AdminCP -> Tools

    AdminCP -> Tools Do, please, that under the picture "Server Error Log" - used the same phrase as in the left column, and not from another variable, since an error in the translation into Russian, or add a single sentence to describe specifically under the picture.
  6. anfimovir

    Fixed Member Card - Ignore for Guest

    If you go to the forum as a guest of member card - a link is displayed Ignore. Screenshot:
  7. anfimovir

    Recent Activity -> Facebook Recommendations

    Hello, XenForo 1.0.4 If it's set not to display blocks facebook, then on the page: Recent Activity Block still appears ..
  8. anfimovir

    Not a bug  Search Threads and Posts

    If the forum has disabled prefixes, then the page "Search Threads and Posts" - visible, perhaps, too, is to hide? Screenshot:
  9. anfimovir

    Not planned Share This Page

    In XenForo 1.1 now has a "Share This Page" - a great pity that it is based on another service "addthis" .. In future versions, please add this feature entirely his own, with the ability to add various services, etc.
  10. anfimovir

    Browser issue Log in or Sign up scrollbar in IE9

    When you use the "Log in or Sign up" - in the browser horizontal scrollbar appears IE9, a screenshot:
  11. anfimovir

    Fixed Your Acount -> People You Ignore

    If the field "Member to Ignore:" - do not enter, it adds a blank record, ie no notification, etc. But let us for the same action on the page "People You Follow" - there is a text error, a screenshot: Please add this and this page "People You Ignore"..
  12. anfimovir

    Search -> More Options...

    Hello, In the search box there were minor changes, now the buttons are displayed in one line, but the problem is that say in Russian, translation of these words is very long, please do as it was before - that the buttons are displayed on two lines .. Screenshot:
  13. anfimovir

    Lack of interest Text in admincp

    Hello, I noticed one small error in admincp, a right of access, the text is very small and difficult to read, a screenshot: Most of the request, the next version to make the text readable, let the rest of the text: Because now, it is very uncomfortable that such a text unreadable...
  14. anfimovir

    Fixed report_view

    Template: report_view Line: <input type="submit" value="{xen:phrase comment}" class="button primary" /> The phrase "comment" is being used in many places.. Please, for a given page, add the phrase separately, ex: <input type="submit" value="{xen:phrase button_report_comment}" class="button...
  15. anfimovir

    Lack of interest Permissions Help [admincp]

    In AdminCP, when you click "Permissions Help" - made ​​the transition to your website, please add the text in the language file the admin panel, in order to make it available directly in the admin panel, as well as the possibility of translation into other languages.
  16. anfimovir

    Fixed report_view

    Templates: report_view Line: <xen:title>{xen:phrase report}: {xen:escape $report.contentTitle, false}</xen:title> The phrase "report" is being used in many places.. Please, for a given page, add the phrase separately, ex: <xen:title>{xen:phrase title_report}: {xen:escape $report.contentTitle...
  17. anfimovir

    Fixed search_form

    Templates: search_form and search_form_post Line: <dt><label for="ctrl_nodes">{xen:phrase forum}:</label></dt> The phrase "forum" is being used in many places.. Please, for a given page, add the phrase separately, ex: <dt><label for="ctrl_nodes">{xen:phrase search_forum}:</label></dt> In the...
  18. anfimovir

    Duplicate Edit Template

    On the page "Edit Template" - when a large number of tabs, the tabs are transferred to another line, which is slightly distorted style, you may want to add something like: Screenshot of the error itself:
  19. anfimovir

    As designed  Reported Items -> Comments

    Reported Items In the column "Comments" - even with a record number of records transferred to another line.
  20. anfimovir

    Won't fix  Separation of phrases

    Template: report_view Code: <xen:title>{xen:phrase report}: {xen:escape $report.contentTitle, false}</xen:title> Phrase: {xen:phrase report} Code: <input type="submit" value="{xen:phrase comment}" class="button primary" /> Phrase: {xen:phrase comment} And (from: {xen:raw...