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    Graphic Design - My Positive Experience w

    He actually replicated the Amphicar script logo found on side of vehicle. The original script itself is kind of odd
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    What's New Digest

    Great. Thanks.
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    What's New Digest

    Great concept and a much needed feature. I just installed and ran the test tool to see which users will receive a daily digest. I was surprised to see a very lengthy list. Is the default behavior to subscribe users to the digest upon install of the add-on? That's not a good thing as many...
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    Graphic Design - My Positive Experience w

    All, Not sure if this is the right forum but i wanted to give a shout-out / recommendation to who just created a new header banner for my site No relationship or affiliation other than being a satisfied customer. I have zero artistic ability. I sent some...
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    Email subscription [Paid]

    Andy, any chance that we could see an update or similar add-on that shows not only new topics but also new posts/messages or topics with new posts? On my board I do not get a lot of new topics daily but there tends to be a lot of activity within existing topics. Thanks.
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    [TH] Image Optimizer [Paid]

    Hello, Just installed this add-on, am using it with Seemed to work flawlessly, processed about 3,000 images, reporting an average of 14% reduction in file size after optimization. Then I look at my before and after disc usage in cPanel. I am now using significantly more disc space...
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    Best host/server

    In cyberspace nobody know that you are a dog. A lot of these "companies" are two guys in their basement with a slick website.
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    Best host/server

    MattW. Optimized for XenForo, great prices, awesome support. I went thru several hosting companies, including one who lost all their servers to a hack and they did not have their claimed backups. Nothing but good experiences with Matt. No relation, just a...
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    Forum Design Services

    Hi Russ, I am not looking for a major remake but would like to have a decent looking header / banner. Something with an Amphicar splashing into the water with the Forum Name. Here is my current, very lame banner / header as can be seen at
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    Finally Updated from 1.5

    OK, I held off as long as I could but finally updated to 2.x. I was seriously considering flipping over to IPB, glad I held off. On a plus note, the install process was basically seamless. had a slight problem wit media gallery, quickly resolved. Lost almost all of my add-ons and themes...
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    MG 2.1 Regenerate Thumnails

    Thanks! That solved it.
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    MG 2.1 Regenerate Thumnails

    Just upgraded from 1.x to 2.1 including latest Media Gallery My Thumbnail images seem to have vanished, I just see what looks like an icon image of a mountain with a sun rising over it.. Is there a way to regenerate the thumbnails. Thx
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    Can we have a xf 2.1 category in the resources please ?

    The, "there is nothing to fix" and "oh the pain" comments in response to a legitimate suggestion sound like the same sort of arrogance which led many customers away from vBulletin. I am one of those still stuck on 1.x. Honestly, I do not see what benefits my users gain in terms of features or...
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    how is XF doing in term of customers compared to other platforms?

    Yes, I fall into that camp. Even now, some of the add-on's I rely on are not available on XF2 and likely never will be. Migration has also become expensive as many add-ons have moved to a subscription model with 2.0. For those of us running non-revenue sites it is costly. While XF2 does a...
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    Is reply-via-email a thing in Xenforo 2.0?

    No, it has been requested many times over the years but devs have their own priorities. There was an add-on for XF 1.x that worked well but, like many XF add-ons, it has been abandoned and was not ported to 2.0. That is why I am still on 1.x myself. I believe IPB may support this feature.
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    Decline of Forums/UGC in Google

    My site, is the largest source of information related to Amphicar's on the planet. For many years, it consistently showed up in the top 3 for Google on a search for Amphicar. These days it is somewhere around page 15 after just about anything (commercial) with the word...
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    Email subscription [Paid]

    Would love to see something like this where user and/or admin could set option to include not only topics with links but the actual messages content. Likewise, useful for smaller volume boards, the option to have either daily email digest as you do now or individual messages as they are posted...
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    Have You / Will You Upgrade to 2.0

    It has been a long standing request. The ForumWatch AddOn from xfRocks is not full two-way but is a big help in this regard. It has not been updated in a vey long time but maybe he will support it in 2.x...
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    [bd] Forum Watch for XenForo 1.2+

    Any chance you will make this available for XF 2.0?
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    Have You / Will You Upgrade to 2.0

    I do understand the time and effort that developers invest in their add-ons. I can say that I have paid for or donated to pretty much every add-on that I use in XF 1.x. As a small community board that does not create revenue, having to pay annual subscriptions for all or most of my add-ons is...