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    Not planned Please make XF compliant with Sept Google Structured Data Guidelines

    XF Forums appear to have LOST the ability to show star ratings in Google Search. I have checked many forums and stars don't show on Google for forums using XF anymore - they used to previously. @Chris D @Mike Could this be the reason...
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    XF 2.1 Stop showing Time when Hovering over Date

    I want to stop time showing up when hovering over post date. How can I do that? Any way? Using Default Style. Help! Even universally stripping Time from Date will be useful.
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    XF 1.5 Hiding Broken Image Icon using onerror?

    I want to hide the broken image icon that appears when an image is not present. I tried the following: But it doesnt work. How to achieve this? :(
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    Have most forums lost traffic from Google in Aug/Sep/Oct 2018?

    I know there has been a major Google update in August that affected all types of sites, but I have noticed forums in particular (mine and several others I follow) have suffered quite a bit in September and October too - actually most of the forums (especially health/fitness related) have...
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    RM 2.0 How do I plan RM and XFMG upgrade to XF 2.0

    I have a forum that is on XF 1.5 and also has RM and XFMG. How do I upgrade those core addons ? Is the below method correct 1. Export forum database. 2. Disable XFMG and RM. 2. Upgrade to XF 2.0 3. Overwrite new RM and XFMG files 4. Enable RM and XFMG (?) 5. Upgrade RM and XFMG (?) Will this...
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    Add-on Allow Browser titles of discussions to be different than Discussion title

    For XF 1.x I want an addon that will enable me to have the browser title of any discussion thread different from the Topic Title in the page. I am looking for a simple addon that is tested to be bug free and without dependencies to other addons.... Pm me to discuss cost.
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    XF 1.5 Forum page (Forum View) as Homepage?

    I have a website with a single forum(category). Is it possible to set the "forum view" layout as homepage. If yes, how?
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    Fixed Login Sliding window Trigger bug When using Chrome

    I never noticed this as I always used Firefox - but it appears, 'using Chrome' - the login sliding window doesn't appear unless you scroll up to it. Scenario You go to a forum with at least few topics (or) to a thread that is at least a few posts long...As you scroll down and click the link...
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    RM 1.2 Can Guests Post Reviews?

    I have set appropriate permissions, but it appears guests cannot post reviews? Any solution ;) ?
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    Can't reach velocityio support - no reply to billing issue and support tickets

    I have been hosting my forum with velocityio for a year or so now... But lately they wont reply to any tickets. I am at a loss what to do. I have also been billed twice for renewal. Should I just place a paypal dispute I wonder. @The Dark Wizard , what really is the problem. Are you online...
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    Add-on Admin Post after first post of every thread

    Is there an existing addon that inserts a specific Admin Post after first post of every thread on the forum? I thought I saw someting like that, but cant find it now.
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    Add-on Require Addon to Change Resource Review Date & Author

    I need an addon to permit the following functions 1. Change the date of the review in the resource manager. 2. Change author of the review in the resource manager. 3. Permission based, only allow admin. 4. Reflect the changed nature of the date and author in all places where applicable. On a...
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    Add-on Requesting Footnote/citation addon

    Can anyone make a footnote addon with exact feature as shown in the video below: Jon has deleted his addon and hence the request.
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    Watch thread automatically Admin Option?

    Currently, when any user replies on a thread or creates a thread, they dont automatically "watch it" . I think "watching threads" you create is default bahaviour of XF. I dont remember when or how I changed a setting and now I cant seem to get it back to watching threads within the admin...
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    Errors before PhpMyAdmin loads

    My Forum loads perfectly, but... When I login to cpanel and click on PhyMyAdmin, I see some error comments flashed for a sec before it loads the PhpMyAdmin interface. The errors keep changing everytime I go back to cpanel home and click on PhpMyAdmin. The forum loads fine and also the...
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    How to minimize emails sent from Forum?

    Hi We have discussions on sexual topics. If an email is sent notifying of a reply in such topics, it often gets caught in the spam filter due to the title and/or content. Also some users dont want to see those topics in their email but still want to be notified. Is there a way to only have...
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    How to get visitor's time?

    How to get visitor's time? Is it possible to get time based on the 'device time' of the visitor? or some other way?
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    Add-on Show Hide Widgets based on criteria

    Hello I need an addon that will allow me to do the following 1. Show/hide WF widgets based on visitor's time 2. Show/hide threads in 'discussion list' based on visitor's time 3. Show/hide "Resource Manager" menu based on visitor's time. I need this done asap. Contact me. Regards
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    XF 1.5 Importing From VBulletin 4.0 while keeping urls as is

    I have a small forum that has about 6k threads and 50k posts, 1. Is it simple to transfer VBulletin 4.0 forum to XF 1.5? Is there a good straightforward importer that a "non-expert" can use? 2. The forum threads are of the type - " to get-stuff-done" Can the urls be kept...
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    Pharmacy Researcher Forum

    I started Pharmacy Researcher Forum a year back. It caters to the health niche with a special emphasis on diabetes, cholesterol and sexual health with added interest in anti-smoking and hairloss topics. It's not a niche that will get hobbyists and will probably struggle to get members up...