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    Fixed "Delete all warnings" permission does not work for moderators

    Moderators can delete warnings and/or modify when they expire even though "Delete all warnings" permission is set to No or Never. In src/XF/Entity/Warning.php functions canDelete() and canEditExpiry() include a code overriding "Delete all warnings" permission: if ($this->warning_user_id ==...
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    Fixed ErrorException: [E_WARNING] ZipArchive::addFile() when building release with libzip5 1.6.0

    Found the cause. Function $zipArchive->open($this->tempFile, \ZipArchive::CREATE) fails with error code 19 (Not a zip archive). The fix is to add ".zip" extension to $this->tempFile. There should be some error check for output of $zipArchive->open, also.
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    Fixed ErrorException: [E_WARNING] ZipArchive::addFile() when building release with libzip5 1.6.0

    Updated yum packages to: libzip5-1.6.0-1.el7.remi.x86_64 php-pecl-zip-1.16.0-1.el7.remi.7.3.x86_64 libarchive-3.1.2-14.el7_7.x86_64 When running php cmd.php xf-addon:build-release ... seeing error: ErrorException: [E_WARNING] ZipArchive::addFile(): Invalid or uninitialized Zip object...
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    ElasticSearch Essentials [Paid]

    Here is a way to delete ElasticSearch Essentials keys only from Redis: redis-cli --raw keys "*ESESimilar*" | xargs redis-cli del Can you implement that plugin clears its cache after updating related settings, such as Date limit? Thanks.
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    ElasticSearch Essentials [Paid]

    But I've changed Date limit, why getting the same threads? Even after 24 hours I see the same similar threads, like it is ignoring changing Date limit completely - actually it is ignoring cache expiration. Can I flush ElasticSearch Essentials keys only from Redis? Ideally plugin should clear...
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    ElasticSearch Essentials [Paid]

    Don't want to disable it, but to make it work. E.g. when lower the Cache time from 300 to 60 and change Date limit from 0 to 90, it does not show different similar threads according to new date limit after 60 seconds. Is it safe to issue redis-cli FLUSHALL on production Xenforo server? Or I...
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    ElasticSearch Essentials [Paid]

    It seems non zero value for "Cache time" is ignored. Whatever I put there, it still shows cached similar threads when viewing the thread. Is there a way to force deleting the cache? Tried restarting Redis but no change.
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    Warning Logs

    It is not possible to filter it by warnings only. Maybe even better would be to add filter by action to Moderator log.
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    Warning Logs

    Provide warning logs in admin panel, to be able track warnings given by specific moderator.
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    [XenConcept] Warning Logs [Paid]

    Is this compatible with XF 2.1?
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    Post Areas

    There is xf_thread_user_post table having post count information for every user. Why recounting it using cron job? Cannot be used on large forums with existing implementation :(
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    ElasticSearch Essentials [Paid]

    Right, upgraded from XF 1.x. What should I do to fix that table? To "Rebuild user post counts"?
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    ElasticSearch Essentials [Paid]

    Is there a screenshot showing "On a user's profile, shows forums by post count where the user posts the most." functionality? Don't see it enabled at How is this feature working on large forums? Is it cached?
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    Sortable Table columns (Numerical/Alphabetical)

    Could be done using
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    XF 2.1 Client-side sortable table

    It looks very nice. I've added this to suggestions:
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    Duplicate Add sort option to xf:datalist

    It would be nice to be able to sort xf:datalist table client-side. The table should be sorted or rearranged by any of the listed fields in its header. To rearrange by a certain field, one would click the title of the field in the header line. Click field in the header line again to rearrange...
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    New permission - Warnings: View own warnings

    It would be nice to include this in the core, 43 people already voted for it. Thanks.
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    Fixed Moderators can access the spam clean despite "Use the spam cleaner" is set to Never

    @Chris D is there are a workaround or fix to be applied in the meantime?
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    Signup abuse detection and blocking [Paid]

    Banned IPs in the core would ban the whole traffic, not signups only?
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    Signup abuse detection and blocking [Paid]

    Is it possible to block registrations from certain IPs? Not to block all traffic, but registrations only.