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  1. Jon W

    Fixed Error when creating member statistic using relational field

    I added Profile.location to userSearcherOrders and it works fine unless I set it to show the value, in which case I get the following. TypeError: Argument 2 passed to XF\Service\MemberStat\Preparer::prepareCacheResults() must be of the type array, object given, called in...
  2. Jon W

    Fixed Inconsistent use of bold in the_message_to_be_shown_when_the_display_criteria_are_met phrase

    In the above phrase, {name} is in bold, but {title} isn't. In other phrases, it looks like bold is not used, although I've only checked a couple of places.
  3. Jon W

    Fixed XF:action_groups:start and XF:action_groups:end in wrong place

    Possibly too late to move now as someone might be using them, although I would be surprised as I can't think of any reason why anyone would want to use them in their current position. Wouldn't it make more sense to put them outside of the <xf:if contentcheck="true"> and </xf:if> tags?
  4. Jon W

    Won't fix Default value of AbstractProvider::ERR_NO_RECURRING never set

    In XF\Payment\AbstractProvider, there is a method with the following signature: public function supportsRecurring(PaymentProfile $paymentProfile, $unit, $amount, &$result = self::ERR_NO_RECURRING) However, it only ever seems to be called by a method in XF\Entity\PaymentProfile with the...
  5. Jon W

    Fixed Editing template modification that includes a space at the end of pattern removes space

    If I edit a template mod that includes a space at the of the Find/Replace pattern, in the editor the space is removed, which then removes the space on save. If there is no way around this, then it should probably just remove spaces on save, so that at least the developer knows that he needs to...
  6. Jon W

    Fixed Error: xxxxx already exists in table, but cannot change length

    If a setup file tries to create a new boolean column and that column already exists, it produces the following error: where xxxxx is the column name. This happens even if the column is already set to size 3 or 4, but the code is checking whether it is size 1, so it fails. The code is on line...
  7. Jon W

    As designed New threads widget doesn't work in sidebar with display style set to full

    I'm sure someone will have raised this before, but I've just searched and can't find it, so just looking for confirmation that this "as designed". If I set the following option in the New Threads widget: Then it looks like this if you place it in the sidebar:
  8. Jon W

    Cannot reproduce Templates not rebuilding when template mod changed to macro inside template

    I edited a template mod that I'd made that was originally for forum_post_thread and changed it to be for helper_thread_options, which is called by forum_post_thread. When I saved, the template for forum_post_thread didn't update and I started getting errors from the old template mod.
  9. Jon W

    Fixed XF2.0 Likes without template cause error in XF2.1

    I appreciate that this is a bit of an edge case, but if there is no like_item... template for a like in XF2.0 and this add-on is not converted to use reactions on XF2.1, this causes a template error when viewing the "Reactions received" page: In XF 2.0, this would have just ignored that the...
  10. Jon W

    Fixed Disabling add-on that adds user searcher orders can break forum

    If you add a new sort order using the user_searcher_orders code event and a user creates a widget using that sort order, disabling the add-on will break any page where that widget is enabled: Unknown column xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on XF:User in /var/www/public/xf21/src/XF/Mvc/Entity/Finder.php:1476...
  11. Jon W

    Fixed When editing node permissions for user group, time limit value defaults to 1

    Go to Groups & Permissions > Node Permissions, select a node, select a user group that has no permissions set, and you will see: Should be set to inherit.
  12. Jon W

    Design issue Latest threads widget disappears if not enough threads with permission to view

    Currently the latest threads widget fetches 4x the number of threads it needs and then applies permissions to it afterwards. On sites where there is a lot of activity that is not visible to guests, this can still result in only a handful of threads appearing or the widget disappearing...
  13. Jon W

    Fixed structured_list.less not automatically added to forum_view

    If I do a template edit to remove the quick thread from forum view and then filter by a thread prefix that has no results, I get this: With the quick thread not removed it looks more like this: This is because structured_list.less is only included if you have either quick thread included or...
  14. Jon W

    Fixed Class extensions admin page not very responsive

    I have some stupidly long class names, and unfortunately this breaks the responsiveness of the Class extensions page:
  15. Jon W

    Allow new template code to be used in older version of XenForo

    It would be great if there was a way to include template code from the next minor release in an older release using something like: <xf:if versionabove="2020030"> <xf:newtag>This only works in XenForo 2.2 and above so is not parsed in older XenForo versions</xf:newtag> </xf:if> As a real...
  16. Jon W

    Fixed Trophies on new 2.1 install are serialized instead of json encoded

    In XF\Install\Data\MySql, the database query to create default trophies uses serialized values instead of json encoded values.
  17. Jon W

    Fixed Context params not being passed to widget

    I've created identical widget positions on XF 2.0 and XF 2.1 and in XF 2.0 the context params seem to work fine and in XF 2.1 they don't seem to get passed at all. Any ideas?
  18. Jon W

    Fixed XF2.1 add-ons unable to be installed on XF2.0

    This has probably been addressed somewhere but I can't find it anywhere. If I do something simple like add an icon to my option group, I can no longer install my add-on on XF 2.0. The console gives this error: [InvalidArgumentException] Column 'icon' is unknown Exception trace: () at...
  19. Jon W

    Fixed .contentRow-suffix needs some left padding

    Example (post thread overlay): Mainly I want to use this class somewhere else where it is a bit more obvious. Thanks :)
  20. Jon W

    Fixed "Find threads: Sidebar" should be "Find threads: Sidenav"

    I am adding a new widget position in our add-on to add widgets to the actual sidebar for the find threads pages, so it is a bit confusing that the current widget position for the sidenav is called sidebar. Perhaps something that could be changed in 2.1?