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  1. Sukrams

    Beta 2 isn't shown as an update

    Hello, I updated my (test) installation from 2.0 to 2.1 Beta 1. I got the message that the board url doesn't match the url in the customer area, which is right, because the install is on a dev domain into a password protected area. So I don't get any notifications that an Update from Beta 1 to...
  2. Sukrams

    Not a bug File health check issues after upgrading from 2.0 with Auto-Update

    Hello, I updated my (testinstall) addon from 2.0 to 2.1 Preview 1 via Auto-Update and got now the message, that there are issues with the File Health check: But the gallery still works, I can upload images, comment, etc. Regards, Markus PS: The same issues afftects to the Resource Manager...
  3. Sukrams

    XF 1.5 Get the members who receive admin mails

    Hello, is it possible to get a list or just the names of the members who receive (or not) admin mails (like the newsletter)? Regards, Markus
  4. Sukrams

    Lack of interest More date criteria options at notices

    Hello, at the moment u can give notices a date criteria for a window within two fixed dates. In my opinion it would be great, if there will be some more adjustments for periodic events like Christmas, New Years or other events like the daily community chat from 20:00 till 22:00. So I'd like...
  5. Sukrams

    XF 1.5 External template editing?

    Hello, is it possible to edit the templates in an external editor or may I only use the editor in the ACP? (extra.css for example) Regards, Markus
  6. Sukrams

    MG 1.1 Sidebar classes

    Hello, on my forum home there are two sidebar boxes of media gallery, gallery statistics and my own statistics. They don't have any special class, just section. How can I give them a class for better styling? I've look through the templates but find nothing. Regards, Markus
  7. Sukrams

    Import to Media Gallery

    Hello, I'm using the "User Albums" addon in my forum. I'm thinkin about the "new" Xenforo Media Gallery and lik to ask, if an import from "User Albums" to Media Gallery is possible? Regards, Markus
  8. Sukrams

    1.4 - Custom Help Page Improvements

    Hello, I've two suggestions for the Custom Help Pages in XenForo 1.4. I think it would be very helpful if there would be child and/or sibling pages for the main page, like the Page in the Node Tree. This could be very helpful for e.g. tutorials of the forum usage. Besides it would be great if...
  9. Sukrams

    Lack of interest Colornames in the Editor

    Hello, I have a "little" suggestion which would be very helpful for me and I think some other people. I have a red-green-weakness and so its very hard to choose the colors, if you would do some colored words in your text. Maybe it would possible to put a hover text to the colorpallet of the...
  10. Sukrams

    Fixed 1.2 Editor: Formatting

    Hello, I have some problemes here with the formatting-options of the editor. They are not always shown. I think I have to explain it with some screenshots: Maybe I will take a bold and underlined text, so I choose first the "B" and than the "U": It works fine. And when I write these words...
  11. Sukrams

    Implemented Sort- and Search-Options for users

    Hello, I think it could be helpful, if there were some sort- and search-options for users in the ACP. Sometimes it would be helpful to look for users, who weren't active in the forum since date xyz, have 0 posts or something like that. Regards, Markus
  12. Sukrams

    Lack of interest Generate Password via ACP

    Hello, sometimes my members send me mails, that they can't login or renew their password. For that case, I think it would be great, if there would be an automatic generation for new password in the user settings. Regards, Markus
  13. Sukrams

    XF 1.1 Anchor links to mainpage

    Hello, I edited the terms and rules phase and uses some anchors in the text. But the link doesn't jump to the anchor, but to the mainpage of the forum. Has someone a solution for that? Regards, Markus
  14. Sukrams

    XF 1.1 Only threadstarter should answer on his thread

    Hello, is it/ how is it possible, that only the threadstarter could answer on his thread and not every other user? Regards, Markus
  15. Sukrams

    Lack of interest More sort options for "Daily" Statistics

    Hi! First of all: I like XenForo very much and the new version 1.1 is great! But I have a little suggestion for the "Daily" Statistics: In my opinion it would be great if there were a few more sort and display options for the statistics. Sometimes you want to compare the development of the...