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  1. Hardcore

    As designed `user_state` other than `valid` ignores node permissions

    I have a node with several child nodes that have various permissions based on secondary user groups. This morning I was doing some testing a noticed that any `user_state` other than `valid` will ignore any node permissions that I've set. And if I set the user_state back to valid they're applied...
  2. Hardcore

    Lack of interest Discouraged Users: Search and Batch Update

    We have the ability to "Discourage" users, but no ability to search or batch update them. To list who's currently being discouraged, we have to run a query on the database: SELECT u.user_id, u.username FROM xf_user_option AS uo LEFT JOIN xf_user AS u ON (u.user_id = uo.user_id) WHERE...
  3. Hardcore

    Lack of interest Banned Reason with Batch User Update

    When doing a Batch User Update that involves banning the batch, it would be handy to have a field for the reason that would be applied to all users within the batch. As of 1.2.5 it bans with no reason given. Thanks for considering.
  4. Hardcore

    Adding non-XenForo data to User Model

    Quick question. We've got a single non-XenForo table that contains user stats used on non-XenForo pages. We'd like to pull the stats into XenForo for easy use/better integration. I've been looking at the Model/User.php file, but before I start hacking at the code I was wondering if anyone had...
  5. Hardcore

    Purging users "awaiting email confirmation"

    Greetings - We have well-over 10,000 accounts with a user state of "awaiting email confirmation." I'd like to create a custom script that will remove these accounts on a regular basis. Which tables would I need to include to ensure they're completely removed? So far I've identified: xf_user...
  6. Hardcore

    Pulling non-XF data into XF

    Hey everyone - Looking for an easy way to pull some data (user stats) from our non-XF database into XF and display it in the visitor sidebar under Messages and Likes counts; I'd be using TMS to drop it in. I'm not an add-on developer (obviously), so I'm looking for a quick hack to drop it in...
  7. Hardcore

    Updating 'last_activity'

    Just some quick questions on the 'last_activity' row in the 'xf_user' table. I'm using XF for user authentication and have non-XF pages with user submitted content. When users login to our non-XF pages they're redirected to them by the XF login system after successfully logging in. Some users...
  8. Hardcore

    Cleaning-up "Awaiting email confirmation" accounts

    We have nearly 5,000 accounts tagged as "Awaiting email confirmation." While some of these are of course recent users who've yet to fully register, the vast majority are spam, fake or failed attempts at registering; and they continue to build-up. We really need a way to easily clean these up...
  9. Hardcore

    Lack of interest State/Country Pulldowns for Users

    I'm not sure if this has been brought up before, but the custom system that we used to manage users prior to XenForo forced users to select their state and/or country via fixed data in pulldowns upon signing-up for an account. This allowed us to do quite a bit of customization based on locale...
  10. Hardcore

    Converting to InnoDB

    Hey there - Installed XenForo using MyISAM; had skip-innodb set and our default engine set. Looking to convert those tables that are not setup as MyISAM or MEMORY to InnoDB; as XenForo would prefer. (re: I...
  11. Hardcore

    Displaying "What's New?" on an External Page

    Looking for a way to display "What's New?" on an external non-XenForo page. Thanks.
  12. Hardcore

    Integration with Existing Site

    Greetings! We've successfully installed XenForo and migrated 285k+ users to it. And our existing site with non-forum user content is now in sync with xf_user and XenForo's user authentication. Next step: integrating to the two sites. I've seen a few posts on using the XenForo header and...
  13. Hardcore

    Moving Directory = 404; ACP updated too.

    Another question for the group ... We originally installed xenforo in a subdirectory under a beta server using a different port. We want to go live, so I moved the entire "community" directory with permissions intact to our live server directory and updated the basic board info to strip the...
  14. Hardcore

    Adding OpenX Banner Code

    Greetings! Wondering if there was a quick way to insert our OpenX code (javascript + iframe) into the XF header, for instance to the right of the logo? OpenX requires the generation of a random number to be passed as well; we do this using php with the rest of our site. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hardcore

    Migrating md5 passwords to xenForo

    Quick question: We'd like to move over an old custom user database that's using md5 over to xenForo. Any tips would be appreciated. Cheers!