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  1. CNK

    XF 2.1 sitemap issue (no splitted sitemaps)

    Hello, I have XF v2.1.3, server specifications: PHP version 7.3.5 MySQL version 5.7.21 and i have issue with my sitemap: I don't know why there is no sitemap index with links to splitted sitemaps like here:
  2. CNK

    XF 2.1 How to display parent forum url in thread view?

    I want to display a link to the forum where the thread is posted. I display the forum name using {$ thread.Forum.Node.title}. How do I can display a link to this forum?
  3. CNK

    XF 2.1 Problem with debuging less error

    Some time after some changes in my style I have error: Server error log Less_Exception_Chunk: ParseError: missing opening `{` in anonymous-file-0.less on line 2794, column 1 2792| -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; 2793| -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale; 2794| } 2795| 2796|...
  4. CNK

    Remmove url from avatar in thread view

    Hello, how can I rmeove linking in users avatar on thread view page? I want to remove url to guests, but how to display only avatar without URL to profile?
  5. CNK

    As designed Wrong pattern in numberbox on page_nav

    In page nav on forums there is field with type="number" with pattern attribute: this is in page_nav template, but I don't know how to remove pattern from <xf:numberbox> :(
  6. CNK

    Duplicate Structured Data are little incorrect

    Today I noticed, there is missing 'position' in Structured Data Eg.: Regards ;-)
  7. CNK

    XF 2.0 {xen:string strtolower, 'STRING'} in xF2?

    Hello, how I can use lowercase string in xF2 templates? In xF1 I used: {xen:string strtolower, 'STRING'}
  8. CNK

    XF 2.0 How to display parent node name in thread_view

    Hello, I'm using {$thread.Forum.Node.title|escape('json')} to display forum node in thread, but I need to display also name of parent forum/category of thread node - is it possible?
  9. CNK

    Lack of interest Friendly URLs in filtered pages (prefixes)?

    Hello! Is it possible to set more friendly url to filtered pages? Eg. to change url: ?prefix_id[0]=124 to /prefix/action-games/ ?
  10. CNK

    XF 2.0 Display only first depth subforums

    Hello, in home (forum_list template) and default style we have code: <xf:macro name="sub_nodes_flat" arg-children="!" arg-childExtras="!" arg-depth="3"> <xf:css src="node_list.less" /> <xf:if contentcheck="true"> <div class="node-subNodesFlat"> <span...
  11. CNK

    XF 2.0 Cache CSS in xF2?

    How can I cache CSS in XenForo? I have not found any add-on that allows it. CSS on my XenForo is loading too long: Is it possible to improve it?
  12. CNK

    XF 2.0 Template modification of exist template modification

    Hello, How can I add template modification to exist template modification (from addon)? Is it possible, or I need to edit addon template?
  13. CNK

    Not a bug Problem with email buttons on dark theme

    I have problem with styling button in my dark theme. I can't set background of button from emails. On the forum, the buttons are displayed correctly, whereas in the email the button has the same text color as the button background...
  14. CNK

    XF 2.0 Email template/colors

    Hello, how can I change color of button "view_this_thread" and "please_review_files" in emails? I need to change background of this button, but I don't know how to edit this template :(
  15. CNK

    XF 2.0 What is the right way to add javascript to core-compiled.js

    Hello, I don't want to have too much separate .js files, so I want to add code to core-compiled.js but if I did it I get healthcheck warning. What is the right way to do this in xenForo2 and not receive an error while checking files?
  16. CNK

    Lack of interest Add rel="noopener"

    There should be rel="noopener" in footprint: this is not a big change, but we don't have the ability to easily and safely fix this because copyright doesn't have a template ;)
  17. CNK

    ErrorException in Profile/About

    Hello, I have xF v2.0.4 in dev and I noticed that few users have strange error in profile page: but most of profiles work great. I can't edit this user in xF2: but in xF1 all works great..
  18. CNK

    XF 2.0 Remove 'Replies: x' from Last threads widget

    Hello, I'm in the process of swapping my theme for xenForo 2. I really like it and I can't wait for more cool addons. How can I delete 'Replies: X' from the Last Topics widget?
  19. CNK

    XF 2.0 Can I move the base of users and posts / threads from xF1 to xF2?

    Hello, can I move only the base of users and posts / threads from db xF1 to xF2? I'm using xF1, but in dev I have xF2. I created changes in theme, install few plugins (there is not much to xF2 :( ), and I'm still waiting to update few xF1 addons (multi prefix, thumbnails etc). So I have...
  20. CNK

    XF 2.0 How to change @xf-publicHeaderAdjustColor variable?

    Hello, I want to change some colors, but I can't find variable @xf-publicHeaderAdjustColor in Color palette and Basic colors. Where can I find this?