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  1. m0o0oeh

    Add-on Individual Albums

    So, apologies if this is in the wrong place, but I figured it's the best place to start. I'm looking for an addon which allows people to upload pictures into their threads, and host them on my server, and create albums etc but that only the indiviual can alter, without having to sign up for an...
  2. m0o0oeh

    Facebook / Notification Integration

    If you wouldn't mind, I would be most grateful :)
  3. m0o0oeh

    Facebook / Notification Integration

    KingKovifor: They're looking at getting notifications sent to facebook when someone replies to their thread, or a thread that they've commented on, much like the existing group setup does on Facebook. I'm no coder, so I have no idea how to implement such things.
  4. m0o0oeh

    Facebook / Notification Integration

    Hi there, been a licence owner pretty much since xF came out of beta, but have been pretty silent, due to issues with life, the universe and all that jazz. Anyway, the reason I'm posting here is to ask a few questions on behalf of a group I belong to, who are considering moving from several...
  5. m0o0oeh

    XF 1.1 (fixed) Help with a fresh install

    Ok, so unfortunately my old host managed to lose my site and all my data. Normally that wouldn't be such a big deal, but since finding my new hosting provider, I have attempted to install XF 1.1.2 and for some reason, I can't get it to install, and it has an issue with the MySQL database side of...
  6. m0o0oeh

    Bored - 3 word game

    and Heather Alexander
  7. m0o0oeh

    Bored - 3 word game

    because it was
  8. m0o0oeh

    XF 1.0 Moderation Tools

    Nicely done! I can't wait for my chance to interact with this forum...
  9. m0o0oeh

    Show off your site/forum!

    Just for lulz -
  10. m0o0oeh

    Weekend - What's On?

    Well, its Saturday for me! I picked up my car from the garage last night, so I went for a spin around town to rid myself of cabin fever, came back and Chinese was ordered, and we watched Die Hard 4, and I went to bed and watched "The Naked Civil Servant" and "Tinselworm" Today I am mostly sat...
  11. m0o0oeh

    Post your workspace!

    Will post after a bit of a tidy up.
  12. m0o0oeh

    Last movie watched ... highly important topic.

    Home: The Naked Civil Servant / Die Hard 4.0 / Tinselworm Cinema: Resident Evil 2
  13. m0o0oeh

    Do you have any pets?

    My cat used to be really fat, and now she's shed loads of weight... She's gonna have to go to the vets soon... Its that time already...
  14. m0o0oeh

    What languages do you speak?

    I speak English and Welsh to a reasonable standard, and I know basic GCSE level French
  15. m0o0oeh

    This Is A StickUp!

    Curses.... ah well, patience Quincy, and all that....
  16. m0o0oeh

    Anyone Still on the iPhone 3GS?

    For those of you stuck on iOS4 on your 3g's, there is this site here. Simply download the firmware that you want, be it 3.1.3 or what have you. Then, when in itunes, click on your iphone, and where it says restore, hold down shift, and click it, this will then allow you to restore your device to...
  17. m0o0oeh

    Are you a regular somewhere?

    Not really, but that's good in my opinion. They're starting to remember me and my mate in the Gwachel, cause we're involved with the local festival and there's meetings every other day, so its a case of "show up, say hi, get beer, sit down, and in my case, go on IRC." But that's the only place...
  18. m0o0oeh

    What Operating System do You Use?

    Mac: OSX 10.5.8 Lappy 1: Win 7 Ultimate Lappy 2: Win XP Pro Server: Custom install by my mate
  19. m0o0oeh

    What are your system specs?

    Mac Quiksilver G4 733MHz, 512 Mb RAM, Geforce 2MX card, 160 Gb HDD Aspire One, 1.66 GHz Atom, 1Gb RAM, Onboard everything, 120 Gb HDD Advent 7211, 2.0GHz Celeron M, 1Gb RAM, Onboard everything, 250 Gb HDD 1Tb WD External 19" Acer monitor, currently in storage, so using my old dear's LG TV...