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  1. Britney

    XF 2.1 Adding javascript to header CSS

    So I'm trying to add javascript to my header, but it does not seem to work. Is there a specific file that you need to place the javascript in or how does it work? I've tried searching, but the only answer I came up with was that it is suppose to work in PAGE_CONTAINER, but that is not the case...
  2. Britney

    XF 2.1 Increasing max length user banner text

    Hello, Is it possible to increase the "User Banner Text" in the "Edit User Group" option? I would like to put a code-string that is about 150 characters but the limit is 100, but I can't find where to change the limit.
  3. Britney

    Ruthless - Swedish Gaming Community A Swedish gaming community that has been around since 2010. Started off with a Shivtr site but later on developed our own SMF site with a custom theme. Since SMF lacks updated addons and overall support we moved our forum to Xenforo early 2017 and has since then updated...
  4. Britney

    XF 1.5 Mass PM issue

    Hello there, So I just made a huge mistake... I shipped out a mass PM to all of my members, the problem is that I used my own account for it. So currently I have 8000 extra PM in my inbox, some of them have been answered but since I (foolish I know) hovered over the inbox (when I got new...
  5. Britney

    XF 1.5 Can't save any settings

    Hello, I'm having problem doing anything. I can't save user groups, nor pages. It all started when I updated to the new resource manager and tried to rebuild all caches. I get the error: HTTP ERROR 500 In the log it says: ErrorException: Fatal Error: imagecreatefromjpeg(): gd-jpeg: JPEG...
  6. Britney

    XF 1.5 Just converted from SMF, having some problems.

    So I have finally converted my old SMF site to Xenforo (yeay). Ofc I'm having some problems :D Some info: Xenforo 1.5.10 Addons: Advanced Applications Forms, Nodes As Tabs, Steam Auth, Xenforo Media Gallery, Xenforo Resource Manager, Xenporta 2, Widget Framework, FS Events, Bakground chooser...
  7. Britney

    Add-on [Paid] Raid/Event Manager

    Hello there! I'm just about to move my SMF website to Xenforo. The only thing that I really miss is a proper Event Manager. Let me explain what I need. I need an Event Manager that is a calendar system with the power to create events that you can sign on. Admin group that can create, remove...
  8. Britney

    XF 1.5 User Group not the same after import

    Hello, I just imported my SMF 2.0 forum to Xenforo 1.5.8 It occurred to me that the main user group had been changed on all members to "Registered". This kind of destroys the whole permission system that we use on my forum. Short version: When you register you get and "Registered" user group...
  9. Britney

    XF 1.5 (SOLVED) Importing an SMF 2.0.11 forum to Xenforo 1.5.8

    Hello all, I've just started importing my SMF forum to my new Xenforo. User Groups, Users, Custom Avatars and Private Messages are all imported. When I try to import Forums I get this: Server Error Mysqli statement execute error : Duplicate entry '3' for key 'PRIMARY'...
  10. Britney

    XF 1.5 Converting site to use SSL

    Hello all, Hope that this lands in the correct forum section. I'm in the process of moving from an SMF site to Xenforo. As you would imagine there is quite a lot to do since the site has been active for 5 years, many custom plugins installed etc. Anyway I want to move in the right direction...
  11. Britney

    Some questions about xenForo

    Hello! I currently have a SMF forum and I have decided that I want to change to xenForo, but I have some questions before I purchase it. First of all, is there any guide that explain step by step how to convert SMF to xenForo? I've done some research and I know that you have to convert SMF to...