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  1. boboman13

    How to edit a page?!??!

    Hello everyone. This is an extremely simple question, and I feel as if the answer is literally lying right in front of me - but I have not found it out yet. How do you edit a xen page?!??! Once you create one in the node tree, you can edit the template HTML, but I need to edit the main stuff...
  2. boboman13

    Merging two styles

    Hello everyone. Currently for my forums I am utilizing the Minecraft theme, but I wish to merge some of the Flexile theme parts with that. Some parts that I would like to change are when you are viewing a forum it would be like Home > Forum > Announcements, and I would like to change the...
  3. boboman13

    XF 1.1 Installation is taking forever

    Hello, So I have already uploaded the necessary files and such, however, after I have set up the MySQL database and it goes to the next step, it is just taking forever. I leave it open for around 4 to 2 hours as a tab, and its either stuck on the "Rebuilding... Admin Templates (Importing)" or...