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    XF 1.3 User Profile Field Order After Import from IPB

    Just completed an import from IPB and I have noticed that custom user profile fields are displayed in the wrong order for imported users. (Seems to be alphabetical order of the unique id.) For new users it is fine, and if you change each field and save it, they then appear in the correct order...
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    Call function if Admin Option Changes?

    Hi, I am working on an add-on and would like to clear out a cache directory if a setting changes. I have seen that you can run a validation callback, is it possible to use this to determine if the value has changed? i.e. I don't want to clear the cache directory everytime someone presses save...
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    XF 1.2 Query count higher on debug page than in footer?

    I am just in the process of trying to make my site as lean as possible before it goes live, so I have enabled debug mode to try and see if there are any extra queries I could reduce and I have noticed that on say the forum index, the footer will say 10 queries, but when you click on it, the...