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  1. Mackintosh

    XF 2.1 How to change approval queue display?

    Hello, We recently upgraded to the latest forum software and one of the things we couldn't find is changing how the approval queue display its contents. I remember being able to do it in the previous version, but it has been a while. Is there an option to change it so that the entries...
  2. Mackintosh

    XF 1.5 How to prevent users from deleting their own profile posts?

    Hello, I'd like to ask if there is a setting that disables the user's ability to delete their own profile post / status feed? Xenforo 1.5.21
  3. Mackintosh

    XF 1.5 Route Filter Issue

    Hello, we are having an issue with Route Filter. Our goal is to convert the following links: OLD LINK (IPS4) NEW LINK (Xenforo) In Xenforo, we...
  4. Mackintosh

    Add-on Unapproved Threads/Messages Alert on Front Page

    Hello Xenforo Community, Xenforo's Moderation Queue is not really good for our forum with a lot of moderated topics/posts board. We would like to request (willing to pay as well please give us a quote) for this IPB feature. We're using Xenforo XenForo 1.5.10. If it already exists, a link would...
  5. Mackintosh

    XF 1.5 Unapproved Threads/Messages Alert on Front Page?

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone knows if this exists as built-in or as an add-on? In IPB, it shows unapproved topics and unapproved messages. Does Xenofro have this function too?
  6. Mackintosh

    XF 1.5 Changing Sub-board Appearance

    I noticed that Xenforo subboards appear like this: However, I would like it to be closer to this: May I ask for guidance on how to change sub-board appearance?
  7. Mackintosh

    Stealth Banning

    Hello Xenforo, I had been looking for the feature Stealth Banning / Ghost Posting / Shadow Banning. Does a feature like this exist either as native or as an add-on? I consulted the manual and the store before asking here. Is there another term for it that I might have missed? Thank you for your...