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  1. Fufu

    XF 1.4 What directories in xenForo to CHMOD?

    What directories need what CHMOD permissions? /public_html/ /public_html/data/ /public_html/install/ /public_html/internal_data/ /public_html//js/ /public_html/library/ /public_html/styles/
  2. Fufu

    XF 1.3 MySQL to MariaDB, build new xF instance?

    what is the best approach going from a MySQL db to a MariaDB db with a xenForo database? Install fresh copy of xF into MariaDB, then import the xF MySQL db into the new install? OR Simply import the MySQL db into MariaDB? OR A method you know that works... 8)
  3. Fufu

    EOL ( End of Life ) Policy

    The new code structure and new PHP implemented in xenForo 2.x got me thinking about the EOL ( End of Life ) Policy. I understand xenForo team has even assisted me with xF 1.0.x and 1.1.x, which is awesome. Although, I wonder if I keep paying my subscription or even later and stay on say 1.x...
  4. Fufu

    Linode xenForo configuration

    What is recommended for a Linode xenForo configuration? Looking for security.
  5. Fufu

    Duplicate Cannot delete smilies (Opera 22.0.x/Android 4.4.4)

    On the Android OS 4.4.4/Opera 22.0.x browser, one cannot delete their smilies. o_O No really... You cannot. ;);) What happens is when pressing the backwards button after a smile the cursor, the cursor will actually delete one character before the smile then jump over the smile to delete all...
  6. Fufu

    Invite Registration Only

    Where can I find the Invite Registration Only feature?
  7. Fufu

    XF 1.1 Import SQL file on PC into xenForo Admin Panel?

    Is this possible to import a local SQL file from the PC through xenForo Admin Control Panel? If so, how can I perform this task? The SQL file keeps timing out on the server when I try to upload it. I am looking for another alternative instead of uploading the SQL file onto the server. 34MB...
  8. Fufu

    xenForo SQL database size too big?

    Does anyone think that the xenForo SQL database size is overly large compared to other forum script databases? **curious**
  9. Fufu

    Print your own Gun

    A 25 year old University of Texas law student has created a working gun with a 3D printer. The gun is made out of ABS plastic, except the steal firing pin and a 6 ounce chuck of steal so it can be detected by metal detectors. Now that this news has gone viral in Texas, congressman Rep. Steve...
  10. Fufu

    [Android Market] New! Malware "BadNews"

    BadNews can be apps that offer other free apps that send phone data to a server ever 4 hours and is collected. Everyone should read what the application does and ask yourself why this application needs this function and/or data. Google Play has caught 4 developers, but more are suspected...
  11. Fufu

    Microsoft's Open Source Company

    What do you think about Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.? Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.: Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. Event Tickets...
  12. Fufu

    XF 1.1 Pull most recent 'X' RSS entry

    How can I set the RSS feeder to pull only the 'X' number of entries from a RSS? Can I pull increase 'X' a RSS check feed post for a duration of 'X' hours, instead of every 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 6, 12 hours? The current RSS feeder pulls every RSS feed entry.
  13. Fufu

    Translation Traditional Chinese Translation [Taiwanese Mandarin]

    繁體中文【中華民國國語】 最後更新: 2013年三月二十四號星期日 短語: 517/4922完 最後標題翻譯: “comment_verb” Help is okay! (y) Used _ instead of _ 實時 real-time, 活躍 active 提升 promote, 升級 upgrade Chosen words: 作用 Action 管理員 Admin, Administrator 管理員組 Administrators 准許 Allow 解答 Answer 表面 Appearance 模樣 禁令 Ban 膽大 Bold 類裡 Class 製造...
  14. Fufu

    Where to find 'PHP' RSS feeds?

    I am looking for a few excellent resource for 'PHP' RSS news feeds. :) Does anyone have some possible suggestions on RSS feeds related to 'PHP' code? ;)
  15. Fufu

    What is your opinion of '.info'?

    '.com' is king, not during this point in time of the internet. :) What is your opinion of '.info'? :coffee: Is it complementary to a xenForo community? :cool: Other TLDs '.net' or '.org' serve a better response for an information community? :confused:
  16. Fufu

    Anyone sorts their email?

    Hooray! :LOL: ~~ 2013年03月23號 ~~ Hooray! :LOL: *kicks around* because I did not think TODAY would be THE DAY!* I just finished sorting GBs of my Outlook database today after I started sorting it in 2006. Has anyone sorted their email lately or up-kept their inbox? :ROFLMAO:
  17. Fufu

    Not a bug xenForo vulnerability?

    Please review:̷̶̭̤̘͚̼̻͕̫̩̽͂͛̄͂̂̂̾̿̈̊͂͠a̵̶̻̜̩̤͔͓̥̞̣͎̰̳̞̥̥͉͇̙̓ͤ̓ͦ͝l̷̵̡̼͚̟͕̗̙͈̩̦̪̟̙̭̦̱̮̮̲ͧ̌͒̎̾̈́͌̀ͯ̍̇ͅg̏̾̋̽̄̈͋̏̀̀̚͏̵҉.46765/#post-503132
  18. Fufu

    xenForo trademark in a domain name

    Does "xenForo" have exclusive trademark rights to "xenForo" and/or "xenforo?" When an entity registers/creates a "xenforo" name in a domain name, does it infrindge on the "xenForo" trademark? Why? What is...
  19. Fufu

    Thoughts about IE 10 on Windows 7 or 2008 R2?

    Who upgrade to IE 10 on Windows 7 or on Windows Server 2008 R2?
  20. Fufu

    IE 9 and Embedded YouTube Videos

    In IE 9.0.14, I cannot see any of the Star Trek embeded YouTube videos in this xenForo thread. :confused: