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  1. a legacy reborn

    Keynes vs. Hayek

    Is anyone here interested in economics? I know that I am :). Anyway, I follow the Austrian school of economics and so these 2 videos interested me, I hope that some of you can find as much value from them as I did. Go Hayek!
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    The Elephants and The Donkeys Deserve The Bird

    I just thought that everyone should watch this:
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    Internet Providers to Begin Warning Customers who Pirate Content

    Has everyone read this article? It's very interesting and raising a lot of issues about privacy, rights of the accused, etc. I, for one, am looking for another ISP.
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    Has there ever been a more accurate YT Vid?

    Just wondering...
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    Executive Order for Cybersecurity

    While it is just a draft, it is so remarkably vague that I don't think anything but a complete scrapping of the document would fix it. Here is the document in question, along with an analysis of it...
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    Ubuntu - The Linux-based OS to rule them all?

    I just installed Ubuntu on my 5+ year old laptop and quickly realized that I made the right choice. Let me give you some background on this laptop. I have installed Ubuntu before(as well as Fedora) on this computer before, but they were just to test out Linux and therefore ran along with...
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    Pi or Tau?

    I hope that at least some of you might find this topic at least remotely interesting. Also, yes I know that tauday has passed but that does not make this topic any less relevant. Which do you prefer Pi or Tau? I, personally, am a fan of Tau, it just makes so much more sense.
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    The Legend of Korra

    Does anyone here watch the show? Out of those of you who watch LOK, how many watched TLA? What do you think about the show in general and how do you feel about the season finale? I personally love Avatar, but prefer the old show. It is probably just because I can relate to the old one because...
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    Oldest post that has ever been liked

    Just wondering, what is the oldest post that you have that was liked recently? I find it actually interesting that people like posts that over a year old(just had another today) and personally believe that it really shows that people are going to interact with XenForo even if there hasn't been...
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    What a cute little comment to stumble upon

    So I was just cleaning up some of my websites when I happened to find such a unique(not really), hilarious(definitely), and a comment filled with fail. It reads Their website is listed as(not including the site that was being used for the email associated with the PayPal...
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    I kissed a...

    I kissed a Mac this morning :). Actually it is my first Mac and I have to say that it has made quite the impression on me! I am loving the feel of using it on my 50" TV. I bought the Mac Mini yesterday and wow is it amazing! My only complaint right now is that the entry model does not have a...
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    Can you install Mac OS X on a formatted HDD?

    Just wondering if you can as I want to install Mac OS X then Win7 instead of Win7 -> Mac OS X as it would seem easier to just use bootcamp. Keep in mind this is a non-apple PC with the following specs(roughly): Intel® Core™ i7-3930K Six-Core 3.20 GHz 8GB RAM @ 1600MHz AMD Radeon HD 6670 1GB x2...
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    The demise of the world is inevitable

    'Tis a true story. :giggle:
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    Lack of interest Custom Profile Field Moderation

    I was just trying out some things and realized that if there was a way to moderate a field so that you can verify it is true and take it to create a group promotion that will give access to a forum. It needs to be able to be moderated so that people can't view special forums by "abusing the...
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    Fixed Notices do not appear when using criteria from custom user fields

    Alright here is the issue: I made a notice that uses a custom drop-down field as its criteria. I chose the same option on my account and saved the notice and nothing appeared. To make sure that is was the custom profile field criteria I removed it from the notice and then when I refreshed the...
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    I love the forum options we have, do you?

    Just wondering if anyone else if loving just how much variety there is in the forum market now? I know I am loving it because if you think about it we have software for just about whatever type of community we want to start. Not to mention because of the plethora of options to choose from and...
  17. a legacy reborn

    Lack of interest Warning System remove post(s)

    Sorry about the title, couldn't come up with anything better. It would be nice if when you are warning someone about their post if you could click a checkbox that removed the content of the post and only displayed your warning :). Would be a nice little option.
  18. a legacy reborn

    Duplicate File Health Check False-Positive?

    Just wondering if this is a false positive, just installed a test board of xF to play around with 1.1 and when I run the file health check this comes up. "library/XenForo/Helper/Date.php File does not contain expected contents."
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    We need a XenForo Song...

    Anyone willing to make one? I think it would be pretty nice :). Ideas for the lyrics: Kier Mike Ashley(I am not listing the obvious ones :P)
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    Duplicate Title Update

    Not sure if this was already mentioned, sorry if it was :). XenForo should update the title when the auto-update alerts finds a new alert, similar to how twitter does it (#ofalerts). Thanks for listening ;).