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  1. KeVo

    Sysnative Forums - BSOD, Windows Update and IT support forums

    Happy to see such a nice upgrade for you all over at Sysnative. (:
  2. KeVo

    Anyone know where I can sell my Xenforo license?

    They can only be transferred once. I can't transfer either license I have. :)
  3. KeVo

    Anyone know where I can sell my Xenforo license?

    I purchased both of my XenForo licenses from the two places listed above, and, so you'd probably have the best luck trying in those places. Good luck.
  4. KeVo

    Stephen King makes the right choice...

    Is that one of Artodia's themes?
  5. KeVo

    Reddit announces new community styling and posting flow overhaul

    There seems to be a "Find" section on the profile page. Not sure how it looks on mobile.
  6. KeVo

    Unmanaged or Managed

    Linode and Digital Ocean are probably your two best bets as far as unmanaged goes. I personally use Linode.
  7. KeVo - 150+ XenForo themes, add-ons, custom projects, and more

    Really looking forward to rocking some of these products on XF2! (y)
  8. KeVo

    Best Linux Distro

    I've been using Elementary OS. It's similar visually to Mac OS and is built on Ubuntu for its foundation. It depends on what you need for work, though. You mentioned Mac OS in the OP, so thought I'd throw this out there. heh. Provided an image for how it is coming out of the box on the left and...
  9. KeVo

    General Chatter

    The internet is losing one heck of a wonderful site. I enjoyed stopping by and seeing something different with your forum and I'll certainly miss it.
  10. KeVo

    To use a customized style or not...

    Most custom themes are developed to fit not only on desktop screens, but they are also designed to adequately adjust to screen sizes of multiple mobile type devices like smartphones and tablets. Kind of a "one-size fits all" deal.
  11. KeVo

    [bd] Widget Framework

    The forum stats widget needs a custom hook?
  12. KeVo

    [bd] Widget Framework

    Does anyone know how to make a widget appear in a footer section? For example, I am using an Audention/ThemeHouse theme and wish to show the Forum Stats widget in one of my footer sections. Appreciate any help or answers. :)
  13. KeVo

    XenForo Forum with Nginx fastcgi_cache full page guest caching

    Just implemented this onto a project of mine and it seems to be working thus far. Hope it keeps doing so! Thanks for the guide, @RoldanLT!
  14. KeVo

    Just moved to https, my check list

    LetsEncrypt issues SSL certificates free.
  15. KeVo


    You did a wonderful job replicating the XF2 theme and giving it your own spin. (y)
  16. KeVo

    LiteSpeed + Redis issues

    Memcached is a popular option.
  17. KeVo

    XenForo on PHP7

    I can also back this up. It's been working very well for me. :)
  18. KeVo

    Profile Covers

    Also going to throw my hat into the pro-profile cover corner. Pretty please, boss? :D
  19. KeVo

    Utah Fishkeepers

    Think of it like this. If you do remove the add-on and clear out the banned notices. You'll be taking a high road. This is a good thing! You'll also be saving some overhead from that add-on on your site, even if it's minuscule. The default grey avatars are perfect for permanently banned users...