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  1. shanew

    XF 2.0 How to change link from nofollow to dofollow?

    Hello, I want to change link from nofollow to dofollow for all posts and signatures, including user groups that I wanted. How can I change this from admin page of Xenforo? Thanks
  2. shanew

    XF 2.0 Create a Popup box?

    Hello, I want to create a popup from an input that when I click on input it will call a popup which will contain a content in it How can I do that? Thanks
  3. shanew

    XF 2.1 Change homepage with Wordpress?

    Hello, My forum is putting at root, I want to change its homepage by Wordpress homepage i.e (Xenforo) -> change to Wordpress index I mean I am wanting to merge both Xenforo and Wordpress into root directory. the rest of site (URLs) is still running Xenforo 2
  4. shanew

    XF 2.1 How to setup % for forum width?

    Hello, I setup 94% in Maximum page (in Page setup in Appearance> Styles > Default Style > Style properties)width and it works as well on Desktop but it has a small problem when viewing on mobile devices (it didn't fit 100% on mobile) How to use % for forum width of Xenforo forum? Thanks
  5. shanew

    XF 2.0 how to update views immediately?

    Hello, How to update thread view immediately? Thanks
  6. shanew

    RM 2.0 Phrase changed after updated to new version

    Hello, I changed more phrases on RM but when I updated to new version, Phrases are changed back to default phrase. How to keep changed phrases?
  7. shanew

    XF 2.0 Can I run Wordpress and Xenforo 2 at a folder?

    Hello, Can I run Wordpress and Xenforo 2 at a folder? I want to change index.php of Xenforo 2 to a new name like this homepage.php while I will use index.php of Wordpress to run my website domain name. for example: --> run wordpress --> run homepage of...
  8. shanew

    Imagemagick PECL extension or PHP built-in GD image library

    In my admin page, it is showing Imagick support : No The default setting is PHP built-in GD image library and I am using this option. I should install Imagick and choose Imagick to use for my forum. Is it better? When do I need to choose Imagemagick PECL extension?
  9. shanew

    How to redirect to a specific folder by country?

    Hello, In my root domain,, i installed Xenforo but I also have a blog, and it is installed at now i want visitors from Canada when they visit my domain (Xenforo), the domain will redirect to while US visitors will view I mean this CA...
  10. shanew

    Is there an addon to present smartphone apps?

    Hello, I want to create an app section on my forum or site like this where members can upload their own apps or reading apps that other members uploaded. Apps info and link download can get from Apple store or Google play store or the owners can upload apps. Can I use...
  11. shanew

    XF 2.0 How to have social icons under member avatar?

    Hello, I want to have some custom field in user profile and they can put their social network links there and it will be shown under avatar on a thread. For example: It will show here How can I do this? Thanks
  12. shanew

    XF 2.0 How to move members to approved groups?

    Hello, I want to have a query or a way to move members who have more than 20 posts then will be moved to Approved groups or premium members group. How can I do this? Thanks
  13. shanew

    XF 2.0 Attach video and playing videos in posts?

    Is it possible to attach video and playing videos in posts? I like the way that images are attached in Xenforo 2 and showing them on posts but could not do the same thing with Video. Any guide?
  14. shanew

    XF 2.0 Show video and photo thumbnail of thread on social networks?

    Hello, How to show video and photo thumbnail of thread on social networks (as on Twitter and Facebook...etc)? on social networks I don't see the thumbnail of threads there. Any guide?
  15. shanew

    XF 2.0 Play videos on posts?

    I have video files with extensions as .webm or .mp4 when I attach them to posts then it didn't play in a video player, how can Xenforo play these files? or when I have a link to .webm or .mp4 then how to play them as a Youtube video? Thanks
  16. shanew

    How to set "Does not have a file" as default option

    Hello, On my Xenforo 2, how can I set "Does not have a file" as default option When creating a new resource, it always is setting "Uploaded files" while our forum members just are posting services and didn't have any files to upload. Thus I want to set Uploaded "Does not have a file" as...
  17. shanew

    XF 2.0 Change style of navigation?

    How can I change style of navigation in Xenforo 2? I want to change font size, font color, space between links in navigation, height of navigation?
  18. shanew

    XF 2.0 Import database into an existed Xenforo 2 forum?

    Hello, I am running a Xenforo 2 forum and I only want to keep styles, forum setups, mods but without members, posts, forum categories because I want to upgrade a Xenforo 1.5 to this Xenforo 2 and database will be from XF 1.5 while style and Mods I had from XF1. Is that possible?
  19. shanew

    XF 2.0 Change index.php to another name?

    Can I change index.php to another name? I want to run Wordpress and Xenforo in a same folder (root) but both are using index.php to rewrite or doing other things. I want to change index.php of Xenforo 2 to another name and still keeping index.php of Wordpress. Wordpress - run with default...
  20. shanew

    How to protect your forums from malware or viruses?

    What are the best ways that you are applying to protect your forums from malware or viruses? I am considering to buy and install a service like this (ModSecurity Rules from Malware.Expert) on my WHM/cPanel to keep my websites against malware or viruses. What is your experience with them? or you...