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  1. Formina Sage

    Using DigitalOcean Spaces or Amazon S3 for file storage in XF 2.x

    I had this issue as well but I think it just takes a while for the CDN to propagate all the file permissions or something. I used the normal endpoint and then after a few days I tried switching it to the CDN endpoint (a custom domain) again and it worked. Make sure you used the public ACL...
  2. Formina Sage

    Using DigitalOcean Spaces or Amazon S3 for file storage in XF 2.x

    YOU DO NOT NEED the 4 lines of "\XFAws\Composer" in your config.php if you are using XenForo 2.1! See Mike's posts quoted below!
  3. Formina Sage

    Threadloom Search for XenForo 2.x

    Just FYI that (at least on the XF 2.1 plugin) you may have to add read permissions to src/addons/Threadloom/Search/_data/cron.xml and options.xml before the addon will install correctly. These two files come out of the zip as 600 when the rest of the xml files in this folder are 644. The...
  4. Formina Sage

    Admin Zone Dev Green

    I get the same @AWS The account confirmation email has links to "" but your website is "" Can you fix this or manually confirm our accounts? Or just upload the theme here?
  5. Formina Sage

    XF2 [8WR] Database Backup [Paid]

    I think this addon (specifically the tightenco/collect library) now requires PHP 7.1.3 or greater, just a heads up. Installation failed on my test server running PHP 7.0.32
  6. Formina Sage

    [SchmitzIT] XenForo MediaWiki Bridge

    I would without a doubt contribute.
  7. Formina Sage

    XF 2.1 Content bookmarks and the return of per-post share controls

    Already revealed as a new “online” icon per this post:
  8. Formina Sage

    Add-on Install & Upgrade

    It was a permissions error - Silly me forgot that the server also needs to write to library and js. After a chmod 755 to those locations, all is groovy. I imagine that the empty server error log was also something to do with those permissions.
  9. Formina Sage

    Add-on Install & Upgrade

    After installing 1.3.4 and attempting to install a couple different addons via uploaded ZIP, none of them have worked. They're all saying "Has Errors - Check Server Error logs". But XenForo's Server Error log is blank. The webserver has full r/w access to the /install directory. The apache...
  10. Formina Sage

    2FA: Remember device indefinitely

    I think having to re-authenticate every 30 days is a bit of a hassle, personally. Large services like Google and Facebook don't make me re-authenticate every 30 days, they permanently remember the browser unless cookies are cleared. Having the option to adjust the 30 day period to be longer...
  11. Formina Sage

    User criteria/trophy for adding thread tags

    I'd love to see this - it would definitely drive community engagement for adding tags.
  12. Formina Sage

    What am I doing wrong? Just installed Xenforo on my own webserver

    www.your-domain. org/admin.php?options/list/basicBoard Change the third field, Board URL, to your domain, not localhost
  13. Formina Sage

    XF 1.5 Two-Step Verification and Security Improvements

    With some tweaks, I think the first post in this thread would serve as an excellent not-overwhelming overview of the 2FA system and how to use it. Or just compose a guide yourself... It makes perfect sense for this to be a completely voluntary opt-in feature for your members. If someone...
  14. Formina Sage

    [SchmitzIT] XenForo MediaWiki Bridge

    The 'addon-mediawiki_helper.xml' file doesn't exist in the resource download, so I'm not able to add the Newsfeed functionality to Xenforo. Does anyone have this file available to share, or can the resource creator add it to the download package? Thank you!
  15. Formina Sage

    XF 1.4 Rebuilding Search Index - HTTP 403, needs constant refresh

    I increased the items per page and added a small delay and it worked without any intervention.
  16. Formina Sage

    XF 1.4 Rebuilding Search Index - HTTP 403, needs constant refresh

    Whenever I attempt to rebuild my search index, it will process 1-3000 pages and then will come up with a 403 Forbidden error. I need to reload the run-deferred page and then it will pick up where it left off, only to return to the 403 error after a few thousand more pages have been processed. Is...
  17. Formina Sage

    TaigaChat Pro - Realtime chat/shoutbox [Paid]

    I'm brand new to XenForo and while I looked through the dark_taigachat_chatbox template (assuming that's the correct template), I couldn't really piece together how to make this edit. Can you elaborate? Thanks.
  18. Formina Sage

    TaigaChat Pro - Realtime chat/shoutbox [Paid]

    It gets emailed to you.