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    XF 1.5 Sidebar styling

    Hello! Xenforo used to have guide for sidebar styling but now days it has been updated to XF 2 so I dont know what to do with the XF 1.5. I want to show user group styling in following positions shown below:
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    Add-on Staff Post Icon

    Hey! Is there currently addon that displays icon next to thread if staff member has answered to that thread. Similar to this but icon. So no text
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    Add-on User deactivation

    Hey! I was wondering if there is one done already or if someone wants to create one. So basic idea of this would be to activate and deactivate users of forum. If someone is deactivated it would show message to them saying "Hey, you are deactivated" or something else. Not letting them to login.
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    XF 1.5 Styling sidebar

    How can I style my profile section in sidebar to match group styling? So basically the blue area match the red one .. so my name would be yellow as group styling goes also the mini profile too. So when you click someones name it opens the profile card. There too.