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  1. Forumzster

    Share someone else's profile post on your profile

    It would be great to share someone else's profile post on your profile like facebook does. The forum software is awesome by the way!
  2. Forumzster

    Has anyone ever had a suggestion implemented

    I’ve been reading the suggestions, searching for new things. I noticed many suggestions that I would suggest, and others that I have no use for, but they sound great also. I haven’t seen any of them implemented. Just wondering has anyone had any luck getting your suggestion implemented? If so...
  3. Forumzster

    https redirect question

    I switched my site to the https url and it works great, but people can still view the http url also. How do I make my site redirect all urls to https only? Thanks in advance!
  4. Forumzster

    XF 2.0 How to make my logo bigger in mobile view

    My logo is fine in desktop view, but mobile view size sucks how can I make it bigger above the nav menu like this site in mobile view
  5. Forumzster

    XF 2.0 How to make a left sidebar

    Is there a way to make a left sidebar? If so how?
  6. Forumzster

    XF 2.0 How to install the add-on the documentation isn't working

    I guess I need to know what is the XF root directory Xenforo staff installed my forum for me. It's on the root web, public_html folder below are all the folders in my public_html folder. Which one is the Xenforo root directory? 1. data 2. install 3. internal_data 4. js 5. library 6. src 7...
  7. Forumzster

    Lack of interest Please make the profile post able to upload images

    These days people are addicted to posting memes like this on their profile. And people are also addicted to sharing something on their profile that someone else posted. If you made the profile post with the exact same text editor as the thread post text editor without the title field, and...
  8. Forumzster

    Add-on I need an add-on for better profile posts

    The profile post is very limited to text and link. I need a profile post enhancement. I need the profile post to be exactly like the reply text editor for threads. The exact same ability to post a status update using the thread reply editor. For instance the same reply area you will use to reply...
  9. Forumzster

    XF 2.0 Threads per page isn't working

    The threads per page isn't working, It should start a new page after 30 threads. It is going beyond 50 threads and still no next page. Edit: My bad I just realized I made all 51 threads sticky, that’s most likely why they keep going without a page break. I don’t know how to allow replies and...
  10. Forumzster

    Do I have to buy all the features at once

    If I want the advance search can I get it later, or the $250 branding removal later? I don't think I need the resource manager for just discussions. I do want the media gallery. If this is possible I'll get XF today.
  11. Forumzster

    Customizable sidebars

    I’ve been digging into the demo site, and I can’t find how to add sidebars. Is it possible to assign sidebars to specific pages, and customize each sidebar. The post pages look too wide. I checked the showcase boards, and nobody has sidebars on any pages other than the forum homepage, and the...
  12. Forumzster

    Installation question

    It says that installation doesn't include database config, I never heard of an installation service that doesn't create the database. Did I read that wrong?