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    Looking for language thread choose

    Hello ! I'm looking for the possibility to select the lang of a new thread while he's being created. Users can choose the lang and see specifics threads by lang. Burning board forums implement this feature. Is there an addon for xenforo ? Thanks
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    Add-on Add button to editor that write specifiq text on click

    Hello I'm looking for an addon to add button to the editor. Each buttons are associed to a text, when you click the button, the text is writen in the editor. Is this addon already exist ? Thanks
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    Better default template

    Hello ! You should create a better template for XenForo because the default template that is installed here too, looks like very old... I think, if you improve this template you could attract new customers. Ghost
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    XF 1.5 Add parents nodes link to new posts page

    Hello everybody. I would like to add parents nodes link to all new posts in the new posts page. As you can see here, I have many forums, and many child forum. When we look the new post page here you see many...
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    Duplicate Implement better nodes ordering (drag & drop)

    I'm very bored about the node ordering module... Why you don't implement nativly a way of be able to order more easily nodes, like drag & drop ? I have more than 300 forums and it's very very... very ennoying when I have to moove something.. Addons in the resources doesn't work until 1.5. Thanks.
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    XF 1.5 Add user group names in classes (htlml/css)

    Hello ! I would like to add all group names in the user link classes, in the html like the image above. How can I do that please ? Thanks for your help
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    XF 1.5 Open Graph Image : First Post attachment or Image link

    Hello ! I'm trying to find something that add in the og:image the first image attachment in the post. Or the first image linked. How can I do that please ? I found something from Jake Bunce here ...
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    XF 1.5 Get attachment THUMBNAIL image link on website

    Hello ! I have a website, and i'm trying to get the thumbnail of an image attachment from a post. At the moment, i'm getting the link for the full image by entering this link : Like this one ...
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    XF 1.5 Template condition (if visitor can read thread)

    Hello. I'm trying to find if it's possible to get a condition for know if visitor can read the thread. If I want that, it's because I have added sharing buttons to the first post in thread, but I wan't to hide them if visitor can't read the thread. Thanks for your help
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    XF 1.5 Add category name in thread title

    Hello Is it possible to add the category name in the thread title please ? I would like it in the <title></title> like it : THREAD_TITLE - CATEGORY NAME (not the parent forum name, but category) - BOARD TITLE Thanks
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    [RESOLVED] User Viewable Node List issue ?

    Hello I have made a plugin that show all last threads in all forums, for the current user. So first, I get all viewables node list from the current user, but there is an issue with this list. In the list, I have node id which are private node. I don't understand why. So, user are can see...
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    Post in external website page -> How to display custom BBCODE

    Hello ! I have a small script for display a post in an external page in my website. It works great but, not for custom bbcode (like spoiler, media, ..) Here my script : public function getTopic($topic_id) { $topic =...
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    Trying to display post in front (attachment/image)

    hello ! I'm trying to display post in the front of my website. It work, but not for attachments. Image are not displayed, and I have "view attachment x" Here a screen to the issue And on my forum I have the image. My code : public function getTopic($topic_id) { $topic =...
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    Awaiting feedback Subscription canceled. User Status not updated

    Hello, I have a bug on my forum with subscriptions.. An user had canceled his monthly subscription and his status was not updated. The first paiement was the 21 december The second was the 21 january And he has stopped his subscription the 19 february. So the third paiement was not done, and...
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    Duplicate Meta description issue [IMG] [/IMG]

    When we have an empty post, with only an image we have this in the meta : <meta name="description" content="[IMG] [IMG]" /> Nothing is better.. Here example : Thanks
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    XF 1.4 Addthis under the first post

    Hello ! I would like to know if there is a possibility to add Addthis under the first post ? My members doesn't know how to share and must click on the permalink #... Thanks you !
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    XF 1.4 [SOLVED : Rebuild user cache] Group User Name CSS issue ?

    Hello, I think there is an issue with the User Name CSS groups. I have an user with this groups : User settings : Primary : Forum member Secondary : Member of Exodia Member of LoL Groups priority : Member of LoL Priority : 20 User Name CSS : color: red; Member of Exodia Priority : 0...
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    XF 1.4 [Solved] Exporting style : custom color scheme missing

    Hello, When I export a style, and import from my live forum the custom colors scheme are missing. I have just one custom color in my style called "@border" and I've got an error on my live forum after importing style when I try to view my forum with this new theme "CSS Error: public.css...