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    Going to my new job tomorrow

    Congrats and enjoy your new jobbie :)
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    Finally Purchased My Copy of XenForo

    Welcome and enjoy your experience :D
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    Steve Jobs -- 6 More Weeks to Live :(

    Hugs to him and his family :(
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    Thank you XenForo

    Awww nice one, glad you found your friend :)
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    Food Fantasia

    That looks very yummy :)
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    Happy Valentines Day

    Happy Valentines Day! <3 XenForo
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    Have to agree with that :)
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    Show Us your XF!

    Thanks Peggy. Much appreciated :)
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    1st xenForo Style peek!

    It looks really good, well done :)
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    Thanks :)

    Thanks :)
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    Show Us your XF! A forum for those with bipolar disorder, or who have been affected by bipolar disorder, like friends and family. It was easy to set up and the styles are so easy to do, it really is a joy to work with XenForo. We are looking forward to building on content and articles...
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    I'm loving it too :D
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    Xen-TR Show Today's Birthday (sidebar)

    OO fantastic work, thanks :)
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    Love the moods, must use them on my site, thanks :)
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    How dirty are you game?

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    Your favorite movie?

    I have a mix of favs but The Lost Boys is no.1 in all it's cheesey vampire goodness :) And it has a wicked soundtrack.
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    Hey Kier, Thanks :)

    Hey Kier, Thanks :)
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    DVD Suggestions?

    Yer Rome is good, it's 2 seasons and a little bloody but excellent viewing :) What about Rescue Me, Dexter and True Blood?
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    DVD Suggestions?

    What about box sets? 24, Lost, Bones, Psych, Rome, Angel, Buffy? What do you like?
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    Can't fix Quote bug

    I'm using chrome and its not identical to me either!