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  1. melbo

    XF 1.5 Registered feeds and Word Press comments

    Would it possible to pull in comments as an RSS feed field? I import a WP blog via RSS and it includes a link to comments but it would be great to have any existing comments displayed inline.
  2. melbo

    Lack of interest Apply Content Tags to both the Resource and the Discussion thread

    Tag both when tagging one or the other. Or would this be bad for tag-ability somehow?
  3. melbo

    Emails from members who can't log in

    Seems like this happens monthly: member emails me with a brief statement 'like can't get in. help' or 'my password isn't working. won't let me in. i quit'. I used to manually reset their pass and email it to them with instructions on how to change it once they successfully logged in. I now...
  4. melbo

    OVH IP crawling my forum (unknown page)

    Over the past few days, I'm getting 1000s of visits a day to (unknown page) by a IP range. Is this some new bot or maybe an add on call back ack?
  5. melbo

    XF 1.5 Image Proxy - Image and Link Proxy Secret Key

    We run Image proxy to preserve external images 'Image cache lifetime: 0' I didn't realize that changing the Secret Key would cause a refresh of the proxy cache. It did and I lost 1000's of images that are no longer available externally. Is there any way of recovering short of restoring from a...
  6. melbo

    Add Yubikey to XF 1.5 two-step verification

    From this HYS thread: Please add Yubikey support as another method of 2FA This addon is currently working well:
  7. melbo

    Xenforo sign-up system - Privacy / Security Concern?

    Was reading this discussion Is it wise to confirm the validity of an account / email address like below? Seems like it should fail silently, skip this warning and go directly to the 'Check your email' screen: sending the confirmation email to the...
  8. melbo

    Lack of interest Like watches thread with default preferences

    Maybe a thread is just getting going and I like the original post. Since my user preferences are set to watch (with email) all threads I create or reply to, it makes sense for a like to add the thread to my watched list. I know I can click 'watch' but I'm an admin and know how the system works.
  9. melbo

    Duplicate Track Views of fileless resources.

    we track downloads of resources with files. How about tracking/listing views of resources without a file?
  10. melbo

    RM 1.1 SOLVED: RM Character Limit

    I'm trying to create a resource (without a file) and it's only posting about a third of my text. My forum message limit is set to Unlimited and I don't see a separate setting for the RM. The Resource I'm trying to create is 144242 Characters long and is 197KB when saved as a .txt file.
  11. melbo

    Media Block - Forum_list - Random is not very random

    My Random block seems to only show images from within a single album rather than random images from many albums. Is this a setting or the way the rand has been implemented for this block?
  12. melbo

    XF 1.4 High queries on forum_list

    It appears that I'm now making 1 query per node on forum_list. Any idea what might cause something like this? We haven't really changed anything lately except for our style. The XFMG blocks are only adding a few queries although that was the first thing we disabled. There are 67 queries...
  13. melbo

    Can I create an album for a user?

    During our import from xfr, one of our users albums imported as a category. It seems that these images can be moved into a users existing album but I don't see how I could create an album for this user and move the images into it.
  14. melbo

    Private Albums / Private media icon on individual image view

    When viewing an image from a private album, there doesn't seem to be anything on the image/media view page that would tell me (or a mod) if the image is private. It seems like a moderator could potentially comment on a private photo, causing the member to wonder if his media is really private...
  15. melbo

    Import XFR to XFMG question

    Just so we don't mess anything up. XFR is populated with albums, images, etc XFMG is empty On fresh import from XFR to XFMG: Should we 'Retain imported content IDs' ? Should we Archive the import log table to the same acrhived_import_log that we've used for imports from vB to XF a couple...
  16. melbo

    HSTS vs 301 redirect from http to https

    So I'm currently forcing all of my http traffic to SSL/TLS via an Apache RewriteCond/RewriteRule in httpd.conf: # Force non-ssl and non www to https RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80 [OR] RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www.DOMAIN\.com$ RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L] I'm...
  17. melbo

    XF 1.4 Bounce Handler error: cannot read - connection closed?

    Bounced email handling issue: Created a new inbox (on my server) dedicated to bounced emails Set XF ACP options to use this bounced email address, -f parameter, provided domain, port, user and pass as appropriate. ports are correct Inspected a regular board email and the VERP...
  18. melbo

    XF 1.4 Style issue for guests only - thread_view

    Not sure how best to track this down. The issue only occurs in this child style of Whisper2 so it must be something I've customized and is related only to guest view. I've tried the obvious and disabled other addons one by one with no change. The addon is Rate Threads with Stars but I don't...
  19. melbo

    XF 1.3 Manual image and link proxy?

    Is there a way to image/link proxy images and links that are in a sidebar? I'm in the process of SSLing my site but these items are going to trigger a mixed content warning. It appears that the 1.3 proxy feature only applies to nodes and not the sidebar. I also have an image in my footer that...
  20. melbo

    XF 1.2 Avatars in member cards are small and not centered

    We've always allowed large avatars but I've recently noticed that some (but not all) avatars in the member card are small and not centered. We're using imagemagick and have been since we started. I can't think of any changes that we've made that could have caused this: